You Have a Golden Mission

  • You Have a Golden Mission

    Heavenletter #4395 , December 6, 2012

    God said:

    From the stars of My heart you came. Birthed from the stars, you burst forth to shine upon the world. You are here to embrace the world and to make it holy, full of love, full of discovery, full of what makes life on Earth and everywhere worthy of the designation Life. Life is about Love and Light. You are about the same Love and Light. Love seeks love, and Light seeks Light, and all on Earth seek their counterpart.

    You seek to know your counterpart because in another’s reflection, you begin to see yourself. When you study another, you are really seeking for yourself. You get to know yourself through the spectrum of a seeming another. You are sent to Earth, not for a middling or small purpose but for a Great Purpose. Whatever purpose you may think you are here for, you are here for a yet greater purpose. You probably don’t know what your purpose is except in a general sense. What you can know for certainty is that you do have a purpose, and it is not shabby, dear ones, not at all.

    You do not know all that goes on behind the scenes. You do not know the good you do. You have no idea of your contract. What you can know is that you have been chosen and that you also chose a Great Contract.

    What could a contract signed by Me be but Great? Therefore, all you can be is Great.

    Put away your sword. There is nothing to defend yourself from. There is much to sign up for. Know that you have something wonderful to be part of while you are on your stay here and ever afterward. Next to one drop of what you are on Earth for, what can equal it? What can come near it?

    No matter what you may go through in life, you are on a sacred mission. It is a secret sacred mission unknown to you. Take the wildest guess you can think of, and you may come close yet not close enough. You have a Divine Mission. You may not grasp what it is, and, yet, day by day you come nearer until, one day, you will know. I shall stamp you with a seal: Mission Accomplished, and, then, you are onto your next mission.

    Just when you finish one mission, there is another, and another, and another, all passing like the sun.

    If missions came in the shape of bottles, your mission would fit inside a bottle perfectly. Neither you nor anyone knows the extent of your mission. You are not here randomly, and your mission is not a pig in a poke. Well-chosen is your mission. No matter who you are, no matter what you think you are, you are here for Me, and you are accomplishing whether you know it or not. What you can know is that you have a firm purpose, and it is yours, and all missions are golden.

    What would you like your next mission to be? Perhaps we can rearrange all the missions you have and put the next one on top or wherever We would like. Be thinking what you would like your next mission to be. Dream it. Sketch it. Feel it. Be it.

    One mission may last what you would call one second. Another could last a year. Yet in Eternity, there is no time. In Infinity, there is no space, and yet missions are given, missions are shaken hands on, and missions are accomplished on Earth as in Heaven.

    You have a Heavenly mission. It will likely be more a mission of being than doing, yet, I stamp My seal: Mission Accomplished.


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