Capricorn/Aquarian Male

  • I really like this Capricorn/Aquarian cusp male born Jan 19. I'm a Leo female. I've had a hard time with another Cappy (Dec. 26) in the past. I just want to know if my sensitive Leo self will also have hard time with this one.

    And why do I attract to Capricorns arrghh!

  • Astrology predicts enjoyment should a love affair begin here, especially sexually, though it is likely to be only a brief fling unless you are both willing to find the time and patience to get to know each other well. This will be an intense connection and exciting exploits can be expected, but such a diet of excitement may prove to be tiring, eventually leading to exhaustion. Your calmness under fire can ground your friend's more excitable temperament while he can bring a touch of humour to your sometimes overly serious nature. If healthy survival and effectiveness in the relationship are to be encouraged, the two of you must draw up guidelines, establish structures, and agree on boundaries and limitations. Seek moderation and calm or you two will burn out too quickly.

    With your other Cappy, it would have been better if it had stayed as a friendship. Power struggles can push a love relationship here onto the rocks if you two fight too much. The Cappy can be extremely critical of your straight-forward methods. An inability to open your hearts to each other would bring about the end of the relationship, even if the sexual energy was still strong.

    You seem to be physically attracted to these Capricorn men but emotionally you are very different.

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