Captain can u help me:)

  • So there's one good place near college, and it's better then this and little cheaper. and im wondering should I take it?:) what do you feel

  • YES!!!

  • thank you 🙂 im taking it, it seems very good.

  • Good for you!

  • I Wanted to ask you something more. im having surgery soon, and my uncle knows some surgeon, and he will do the surgery after new years eve, since my college is starting 7.1. will i recover soon enough?

  • Yes I feel you will bounce back to health quite quickly. Something I offer that should help your recovery is Dark Energy Removal (free of charge). If you give your permission, I will remove any negativity that has built up and accumulated in you over the years through bad feelings or thoughts that we all have when we get sad or depressed or angry or whatever. People who have had their dark energy removed report feeling lighter and able to see more clearly what to do with their lives.

  • Well, that's great, cuase i have exams few days after and i dont wanna miss it. I was thinking about trying to find surgeon who can operate me sooner (just few days), but if it's gonna be well, than it's not needed.

    That would be great, i give you my permission. and thank you so much 🙂

  • Doree, here goes with your dark energy removal - the black stuff is quite thick and heavy feeling, especially around your head and mouth. Getting rid of it all. Gone!

    Wow, you look gorgeous now - all bright and shiny clean!

  • thank you again 🙂

    i didnt want to bother u again, but i have question, will i do surgery in private clinic or hospital?

    and is it good idea to take french class nex year but outside the college 🙂

  • Hospital. Make a decision about the French class next month in 2013, not now.

  • seriously , i didnt expect that, cause i dont have surgery scheduled like everyone else, so there are minimal chances, but i have cousin who works there and she told she might gonna help, so im hopin she will.

    and will i have surgery next week, or 1st week in january?

    ok, i i will. thank you 🙂

  • I feel it will be early 2013.

  • uh that's late, cause i have to come back to the college 6.1. will i be able to come the college first week if im gonna have surgery that late?

  • will someone from my family help to get into hospital, like my uncle or cousin or no?

  • Nency, if you want some help, you have to start your own thread - this is Doree's personal thread.

  • so on tuesday im probably going to see doctor, will he decide to do the surgery?

  • Doree, you cannot possibly be prepared for every situation you will encounter - all you can do is have faith in your ability to cope no matter what experiences come to you. You must start relying more on your own intuition and try to deal with your fears. Otherwise you will be dependent on other people to help you your whole life.

  • i know, but this is very important so it wouls be good if i could have any way to know things, cause i need to do some blood test and stuff if im going next week, if not then i have to do it next week. so i dont know when to do that.

    i hate this uncertainty, but thank you for helping 🙂

  • btw.this is my other account

  • Doree/Nency, it's time your grew up and stopped behaving like a child looking for a parent or partner or psychic to care for you and tell you what to do. You must step into adult responsibility and learn how to find the answers you seek inside yourself. You cannot remain in a state of childhood forever, especially not in this new world that has arrived. You must become independent and learn to make your own decisions based on your gut feelings in career, love and life.

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