Energy Update: Insights & Support for Decembe

  • Energy Update: Insights & Support for December 2012

    a message from Meredith Murphy

    Woo-hoo! So much incredible shifting is taking place. You've created amazing newness in your lives and I'm so happy to hear that you're discovering over and over in deeper and deeper ways, your own beauty. This is a key to these amazing times, as you increasingly know.

    We're in a profoundly intense time. It's different. The sensations are strong. For some this is strongly blissful, expansive and love-filled. For some it's intense in a way which feels overwhelming, confusing or even discouraging. A skillful way to relate to all of this is to just be with yourself. Trust that by staying with yourself, regardless of where you are, you will continually emerge into greater wholeness. If you're feeling wonderful, that will continue to expand. If you're feeling challenged that will liberate you into greater wholeness.

    As an essential component of experiencing what is called Unity Consciousness, Christed Consciousness or Cosmic Consciousness, we're invited to embrace all of it--in ourselves and others. As such, our awareness of the diversity of life is being amplified--both in our self-perception and around us in the world and in our relationships.

    Within our collective family there are many different avenues of focus assisting our collective evolution now--as many as there are individuated aspects of focus. Some themes I have noticed are:

    The spiral revisiting of deeply painful sacred wounds that challenge our ability to love ourselves and to love others as a reflection of ourselves;

    Deep questions of "Who am I"; and

    A realization of the many ways we've been repressing ourselves, holding ourselves back, wearing, as I like to call it, "shoes that are now too small."

    For those who are freeing their feet (smile!) it's time to put on the music and dance! To make friends with the inner protector, face down fear by calling the bluff of these old pathways that keep any of us from living life directly, in the flow, uninhibited and trusting. These old ways must be released to bridge inner and outer realities. In freeing ourselves, we also release others from the need to serve us by reflecting and/or re-lancing our sacred wounds for us! Win-win!

    Each of these pathways are liberating more and more of us into joyful presence and moving our collective into wholeness. As we make peace with all we are, all we have been and all others are and all others have been--without needing to change any of this--we finally walk-the-talk with heart-felt action that demonstrates the Truth that we are all Divine. This is a great gift for our soul evolution.

    In the New Earth we will live with enormous diversity and simultaneously experience harmony. As we encounter this range of experiences, within ourselves and in our relationships, we have the chance to orient to harmony now. Doing so, we create peace within that may then be reflected in our world. To trust in the value of all of everything as it is. To move beyond ideas of one thing begin better than another. Of one approach being the "answer" or the "right" thing. In essence, resolving duality.

    A glimpse of the fruition of these paths is seen in those bright lights in our world now resting continually in blissful expansion--happy, experiencing the fundamental harmony and integrity of this complex wholeness as inner stillness, exquisite everything is right-ness, in a love and joy for no reason kind of wonderful. When we have these glimpses of our future we can affirm that we're expanding into that newness and grounding it through our perspective and presence. We can claim that for ourselves and for everyone, amplifying it with our appreciation. Orienting to this light.

    In all of this we're being urged to loosen up our identity and claim a more accurate perception of ourselves and our greater wholeness. All of our being is conspiring to assist us by showing us--through our feelings and our experiences with others--where our keys to greater wholeness lie.

    We're abundantly supported as we learn to live this in this new way. Legions of light await our permission to participate in our evolution of physicality and awareness.

    Summon all the support, confirmation, validation and love you sense would give you ease, joy, comfort and grace. Give generously to yourself by being willing to let yourself be led from within. Use your feelings--which are the way you experience your connection as Spirit--to guide you. Your feelings are Spirit's way of leading you, inspiring you, nudging you, connecting you through longing with a vision, a sense of what will open you up and unfold your Spirit more fully into form. Give your feelings a prominent, honored place in your awareness. Seek to feel without needing to change who you are, what arises and where it leads you. Notice the way your mind may have a habit of "one-upping" your feelings, or second guessing them. Gradually attempt to soften this and in doing so, grown your self-unity. Allow feelings to map your course, orient you and build this relationship within with your allegiance, creating greater self-trust.

    The energies of the 12:12:12 alignment are approaching. This is a huge shift for our planet into greater capacity and as such we will have enlarged resources and orienting abilities too. Ask to receive these beautiful and transformative energies to the fullest extent you are capable of and in a graceful, easy way. Celebrate this alignment in

    whatever way feels right to you. Believe that you can and do know what you need, especially in the most important moments of your life.

    Many people worry or at the very least wonder, if they're in the "right place" on these powerful days. Like all days and all moments--the most powerful place is right where you are! You cannot get this wrong. Your feelings may give you ideas of how to express your participation. Listen to them. Listen and pay attention to ideas that persist. Allow yourself to flow with life and to change if your feelings about things change.

    Allow Gaia and our beautiful Earth to expand your experience and also to prepare new avenues for connection and orientation that will assist you in becoming a fuller expression of Spirit in form, and also support integration of the upcoming Solstice Energies.

    There are many gatherings this month if you wish to come together in person or online with others. Tune into your heart and see what feels right. Again--if that changes allow yourself to change. Learning to be fluid and flexible helps us honor ourselves and stay in alignment. Give your full allegiance to your innate wisdom! You are your best guide.

  • Thanks again poetic. I think this is the post I really need to see, so am printing it off and will read it with brekky. Blessings!

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