Saul: To Awaken is Like Having an Enormous Load Lifted from Your Shoulders

  • As the end of your earth year draws closer, excitement continues to mount. What is due to happen is unprecedented in your entire human history, and has been planned and prepared for, for eons.

    It is an event of enormous significance that will raise your levels of consciousness to such high levels that what you now call consciousness, even that of the most consciously aware of you, will seem to have been an incredibly deep form of sleep, punctuated by occasional scarcely remembered dreams or nightmares.

    To be fully awake in the eternal Light of God’s infinite Love is a wonder beyond description, and you are soon to experience that state permanently.

    As the countdown to that moment proceeds apace, hold the desire and intent to bring humanity — your divine brothers and sisters — forward into that natural, awakened state which is your heritage and your eternal destiny. Your collective intent is an essential part of the process. You are setting the rate at which you travel the homeward path, and have been doing so since the journey started.

    Initially the pace was slow, unenthusiastic, and irregular, but over the last two or three centuries it has increased at a steady and relentless rate, and within the last two or three decades enormous acceleration has taken place bringing you to this moment of intense excitement as the end of your arduous journey comes into view.

    To arrive at your divinely intended destination at precisely the moment that was planned when you made the decision to have an experience of separation from your Source is in itself quite wondrous. Your Father’s Love for you, and His complete and utter understanding of you as one, and as individual aspects of that one, is truly astounding – but that is the Nature of God.

    He has prepared for you a welcome that is to envelop you in His loving embrace and that will uplift you into an experience of ecstasy that is possible only within Him.

    The illusion is to dissolve, leaving you totally naked, transparent, translucent, and transformed because you will have returned to your natural, divine state, at one with God, where nothing is hidden and where nothing ever needs to be hidden, because trust is absolute in this state of infinite and unconditional Love.

    The thought of such transparency may well alarm you now, but that is only because you have become so accustomed to the seemingly overwhelming necessity for secrecy and obscurement that the illusion has encouraged and maintained.

    When you act individually, as separate disconnected beings, the world seems hostile and threatening because you do not know what another is thinking or what his motives may be, and because the suffering and betrayals you have experienced in that unfriendly environment have convinced you that those beliefs are essential survival skills that you must constantly reevaluate and perfect

    To awaken is, among many other most wonderful sensations, like having an enormous load lifted from your shoulders which had been pressing you down into the ground with relentless force and preventing you from really seeing, hearing, or in general being aware of, your environment. This lack of transparency has caused you eons of fear, and has also engendered a deep fear of transparency itself.

    That will all change when you awaken and realize what a wonder and what a joy it is to live without the grim, encloistered darkness that secrets and dissemblance produce. What you are shortly to experience permanently is untold joy in a realm that is itself created from joy — because utter joy for all of creation is your Father’s Will.

    With so very much love, Saul.

  • Another uplifting message. I wonder if my/ourendless search for love, self-love and peace has been directed in the wrong areas. I wonder if I'm not meant to be with anyone ever again. I wonder about all these things.

    I wonder ...

  • Oh Moon I wonder too but hope its not the message we're meant to receive. Be hopeful, I believe hope is something to keep always.... After all isn't that a large part of mamifesting our desires? Hope, trust & believing??

    I am concerned for you, are you ok?

    Be well & blessings to all

  • No, I'm not travelling too well; thanks for asking. I am struggling financially, there is no-one I can turn to for help, and I am about to give up because there is no hope on the horizon for me at all. I have good friends, yes, but they go home to their husbands and children at the end of the day, while I come home and talk to the dog and cat. I'm too tired lately to even want to go anywhere to ease the loneliness. I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, and to even TRY to manifest something good in my life just isn't working.

    As I said to a friend the other day, I didn't sign up for this misery, loneliness and struggle. It seems like as soon as I realise I love someone or someTHING, that someone or something is taken from me, or something happens to make it almost impossible to stick with.

    That is the painful truth of where I'm at right at this moment. A wise friend said my patience is being truly tested here, and she's not wrong! I feel like I'm going to get left behind while everyone else finds joy, peace and all those things I've walked this spiritual path for 12 years for.

    What's is all worth? That's what I'm wondering ...

  • Moon, I'm so sorry you feel so disenchanted with life right now. I certainly don't want to sound as if I know what you're feeling but can relate to it by my own experiences. Its hard to get up & face the day when things seem to repeat itself with no change in sight. I too find it hard to be with friends & co workers right now as they are all involved with a partner. It gets old being the odd man out. I tend to buy on line to avoid malls filled with couples. Yet for me, as I said previously I'm either too dumb or stubborn to give up hope...I've been through a lot in the past 7 yrs & hope is all I had at the end of every far its the most consistent thing I've got other than my dog...even my sons are branching out as they should so I'm letting go of them too. I'm moving this wk from a house I've lived in for 20 yrs....lots of letting go of material stuff & memories galore. I cry a lot & those around me don't understand but I finally feel its time to be true to how I feel & not act as others want. To be honest I'm scared of the move, the financial piece & finding my way to new people...but I couldn't live in this house any more. I've stepped off a cliff but expect to land on marshmallows. I hope you do too 🙂 I find this quote helpful, perhaps you will too:

    "But, one universal truth is that all things are connected. More often than not, the chaos and heartbreak of today is the very foundation of the joy and order of tomorrow. So try and remember that when it feels like your world is falling apart, it’s all part of the master plan and a brighter day is just up ahead – maybe even one so bright, you never even dreamed it was possible."


  • Amused, there is a tiny part of me that feels that last paragraph. In the middle of the chaos and despair, I do clutch on to that tiny hope.

    It would be very hard to move out of a house you've lived in for so long; as it would've been for us to leave marriages we'd been in for so long. But, as you said, it's time to live our truth, and that's what I've tried so hard to do these last three years.

    Here's another line from a John Meyer song: "It sucks to be honest and it hurts to be real". It is very true! But I guess sometimes we have to sink as low as we can, in order to rise up as high as we can.

    I'm also wondering if we are not taking in the despair of others and making it our own. If people ask me how I'm going, I tell them the truth now, not the lie! Too bad if they can't or don't want to understand. Don't ask if you don't really want to know how someone is. Yesterday I hugged and kissed a resident who was SO SAD it made my heart break. No-one comes to visit her, and while we can't know what water went under the bridge between her and her family, where she's at now is a life of despair and loneliness. But I at least got a smile from her, which made me feel good.

    But it's coming home to the near empty house and talking to myself or the dog and cat that is getting to me now. I truly wished I had someone to talk to when I got home last night, but there's no-one.

    All I/we can do is hold on to that hope, as small as it is. I guess it's like that tunnel: where you see a prick of light, if you follow it, that prick gets bigger until it engulfs you. We can only head towards that ...

    And I wish you the best in your move. This might usher in fresh energy for you 🙂

    Thanks for your response! I dislike feeling like this, but have for the last week or more. I can only depend on me and me is getting pretty disillusioned and exhausted. Still, up I get every day and try to face it with a better attitude, while every day ends like the one before.

    Blessings back to you! And joy, peace and clarity for both/all of us. We can only hope ...


  • Hey ladies, I feel your pain and guess what I'm going thru that too some days, we are letting go of the old to embrace the new, I got a message the other day and I think it applies here: Don't quit 5 minutes before the miracle. I have financial problems, love problems, children problems are issues or what ever you want to call it. It's what we focus on, we get more of, sounds corny but it is the truth. I get pissed some days when things don't go the way I want them too but I let it go and surrender to what is. Hold on, keep your faith, one day you will look back and laugh. The ego mind knows that it's time is up so any and everything it can push in our minds and we latch on too it will. Try to keep your vibrations high and allow and receive this incoming lights, I stand with you guys in light and love, you are never alone, you know that, you only have to close your eyes. I love you, God loves you unconditionally, who can replace that? No one. Ask the angels to take away any remaining pain or sadness and actually it is good to keep it real, acknowledge the pain and say thank you for that lesson and let it go, hide deep in your heart chakra and get out of the mind. Ego's including my own were flipping out the last few weeks. Chris join a group on Face book so you will have like minded folks around you, it helps, there are tons of Aussies on there, one group is called Blue Ray, Lemurian Temple, yada, yada!

    Love All!

  • Dear Ones, it is important to view ignorance and darkness not as negative karma or “punishment,” but as training, service and experience. Guilt and Shame along with fear are toxic to the soul’s development and continued growth. Please remove all “labels” and judgment of yourself and your experiences. In this period of time, this will continue to be very important. You are preparing to embody both more Light both spiritually and physically, and this will bring with it the gifts of increased “flow” and abundance, becoming more of a healing presence, and further awakening of spiritual abilities such as claircognizance (clear knowing.) – Keepers of the Blue Ray

  • Thanks Poetic. Deer walked across my backyard this morning, so beautiful. I looked up animal guides and was pleasantly surprised.....what a gift I received. Thank you Universe

    "When a Deer totem enters your world, a new innocence and freshness in about to be awakened. New adventures are just around the corner and there will be an opportunity to express the gentle love that will open new doors for you."


  • Wonderful!

  • I've been seeing kangaroo bucks fighting a whole lot closer to the house than ever before! It's weird, but I think they come closer because the grass is, literally, greener than out in the paddocks where they'd normall be.

    And yesterday, I was out on my verandah when this beautiful tiger moth landed on my leg and stayed there for quite a few seconds. I felt it was some sort of message, but don't know what exactly. But gee, did it make me feel good; an overwhelming swelling of the heart chakra, and a sign of what's to come. Amazing how you can feel so down in the dumps, and something like that can make you realise that nothing is ever that bad.

    I also entertained the idea that this moth was the spirit of one of the residents where I work ... coming to tell me to hold on ... to wait for her son ...

    Who knows?

    Nature can be very mysterious ...


  • I'm willing to let it go ... I saw a few people in town this morning, one who always makes me smile and laugh out loud (he's a neighbour down the road a ways), another who I let go a couple of months ago because his behaviour was nothing short of unstable, even though he is a very nice guy (we talked for a little while which was nice) and then my ex partner. I was then waiting to see my actual EX drive by, but that didn't happen and I'm glad because I probably would've tried to run him off the road hahaha

    I came home feeling on top of the world really, even when one of my grocery bags split and spilled cream all over my toe and on the grass. Dog enjoyed it!!!

    Nature has a funny way of picking you up. If we can only focus on their miracles, we'd be okay. So that's what I'm gonna do today: focus only on the miracles that can and do happen. The rest can go sort itself out.

    Life's too short not to notice a beautiful tiger moth on your leg. I can't forget that overwhelming swelling in the heart chakra ... and don't want to. Why on earth would I want to remember the idiocy that's been going on, over and above that?

    Love you too poetic! Have a magical day 🙂


  • Girl they are saying the prosperity funds are to be released before xmas, believe and receive, I pray it's true! Speaking of Nature, now I'm not the nature queen but I do love sitting outside and the peace and seeing butterflys, not so much into animals except on t.v. Discovery Channel, well been seeing a lot of sparrows, yesterday a sparrow, flew straight into my screened back patio, followed by a dragon fly, and right after a heard the weirdest sound, I thought it was a squirrel screaming in pain, I didn't know squirrels make noises, don't know if it's mating season, freaked me out and he was looking right at me.

    I know birds are messengers and usually if a bird flys in a window it means death. idk, anyway, just sharing.

  • Well I've had finches flying at my windows, although not recently. I found out that they symbolise "ebullient times". It was weirdly like they were trying to get my attention, because they'd be flying into the window/s of any room I was in!!

    As for prosperity funds coming before Christmas HALELUJAH!!! My arms are open SO WIDE, they can't stretch open any further!

    Happy Xmas poetic! Talk to you again soon no doubt.


  • Okay! I feel your pain, I understand and I understand Amused too, I feel like next year will be new beginnings for me too, unlike you too, I don't want a man, I wanna be alone, I wanna travel and see the world. It's my turn, If I'm single or meet someone, they can't move in with me! LOL!

    Surrender, surrender, surrender, we will be well looked after and no one who wants to Ascend will be left behind!

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