Jesus: You Are On Course for the Grand Awakening

  • Jesus: You Are On Course for the Grand Awakening

    As channelled by John Smallman – December 5, 2012

    Enjoy John reading this post here:

    The grand awakening for humanity — in which you reconnect with your full Self, the spiritual Essence that your Father created — draws ever closer.

    The sense of deep, intense, all-enveloping Love that you experience at that moment will remove from your memory every remnant of suffering, unacceptability, or unworthiness that you have ever experienced. The joy of that perfect, divine state of being is beyond wonder, beyond happiness, beyond amazement It just is, and it will embrace you utterly. You can have no idea of the intensity of your Father’s Love for you until you feel It — as you are destined soon to do.

    The struggles and suffering that humanity has been undergoing, since long before the time of your first historical records, are due to end. A sufficiently large number of you have decided that enough is enough. It was a free-will choice that the human collective made within the last one hundred years, and you have been progressing steadily forward towards your awakening since you made that irreversible decision.

    The joy displayed in Heaven when you made that choice was quite beautiful to behold, because we had been rooting for you since the apparent separation occurred, and waiting expectantly for you to change course and head for Home; and you did!

    That turning-point was unimaginably significant for humanity. Yes, much intense suffering has occurred and continues to occur since you passed it, but that is because it had built up such a very powerful and spirit-crushing momentum over the eons. That momentum is now decaying very rapidly as more and more of you come to understand that the way forward, the way homeward is along the path of Love, and then choose to follow that path

    It appears to you that many still need to be converted or need to become aware of this divine truth before your awakening can be achieved. This is correct. However, the rate at which people are coming to an understanding of this is extremely rapid, and that rate is constantly accelerating. The divine plan for humanity’s awakening is going full speed ahead, and the momentum of the old and unloving ways has almost completely ceased, overpowered by the intense dynamic force of the divine Love field into which you have all become eternally woven, and which you are engaging with, most positively and enthusiastically.

    Time is running out! The illusion is approaching its moment of disintegration, and when it is gone it will not be missed. It has served a purpose for humanity, but that purpose which was unreal – to experience separation from Source – has now been superseded, because the majority of humanity is rapidly coming to understand that, as the poet John Donne said, “no man is an island.” In your modern age of mass travel and huge industrial expansion, a person has to maintain an incredibly blinkered view of life to remain unaware of this, and very few are choosing to remain blinkered. And even among those who have chosen to remain blinkered there are some soul-stirring agitations occurring.

    Many of you holding the Light and acting as way-showers are wondering how a mass awakening can possibly occur when so many appear to be so very deeply asleep? Remember, what you are experiencing is illusory, and illusions can and do dematerialize very rapidly indeed when the appropriate conditions prevail. You are on course and on schedule for the grand awakening, and because your collective will, along with your true Self’s will, are in alignment with the Will of God, you should expect miracles.

    Your loving brother, Jesus

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