Hi Captain, a reading request please

  • Hi Captain,

    I saw the thread between you and Moon, and you did a dark energy removal for her.. It sounded so amazing and interesting.. Do you mind looking at mine and see if you can do it on me also? I am also going through a tough time. Although I try to stay positive most of times, sometimes I find myself still dwell on the past. Please let me know! Thanks.

  • Dark energy accumulates from any negative thoughts and feelings we have and can stick around until it is removed. After that, it's up to you to stay positive and work on any issues or fears so that the dark energy does not return.

    Hll, I am seeing a lot of dark energy inside you, around your female parts and stomach area. Also your chest area. It looks painful and ugly. So I am removing it by turning on a tap and letting it rush away from your body.

    There - hope that helps!

  • Thank you Captain! I have been listening to music and thinking about happy things for a couple hours. feeling peaceful! Thanks for your help!

  • hi Captain, I am not sure if it's becuz of your dark energy removal or a new goal i just set... i suddently felt so good about myself. Have a new goal now - learning French 😉 my bf speaks fluent french, and I wanna surprise him with talking him in French sometime soon. it sounds so exciting. I havent lived my life with a goal set in mind for a long long time! Anyway, thanks. another question if you dont mind - do you feel my bf and I move in together soon? just curious..

  • Hi Captain,

    Could you please do an employment reading for me? I am having a hard time finding a job in my field (Human Resources). Do you see me getting anything soon? Are there things I should be doing differently?

    Also I am interested in any help you can provide regarding dark energy you may see around me?

    DOB: 3/17/58 Birthtime: 11:05am in PA.

    I appreciate your help!


  • Lifer, this is Hll's thread. Can you please start you own thread as I don't want to mix up her vibes with yours?

  • Hll, removing dark energy tends to bring more clarity and freedom. It simply helps you see what was there, but obscured from your sight.

  • Captain - I have a question, why do my female parts have a lot of dark energy? Should I be concerned about my health? In fact, i do.. my period is never much every month. I talked to my ob doc once and she said dont worry about it.. less period is fine. Am concerned if I will have a hard time getting pregnant when i want to have a baby... ;( not sure if im being overthinking about it or not... Your thought please? thanks

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