Someone please do reading for me i would be very greatful!!!

  • i would like to know will i ever meet my future partner and if so what will he be like?

    I had someone i was seeing on and off for the past 2 yrs who i really connected with. he had his heart broken badly and is just scared or not ready to commit yet but he does really like me so were just friends for now. but have not been talking to him in a while. will we ever have that commitment or will i meet someone else or just remain single?

    thank you!

  • Hello rebeccaf,

    What I see clairavoyantly for you is a man that is tall and dark headed and appears to wear a cowboy hat and boots. He is a outdoors man and can have a quiet demenor , yet once he knows you will open up and knows how to boot shoot boogie. If you do not know him you will and he may than lead you to a man that you will meet through him that has an L in his first name that you very well could marry.

    Keep us posted.

    Happy Holidays


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