In need of guidance with my reading

  • I've been seeing this gut for about 9 months.I still can't tell how he really feels about he's aries like me but I have been told he has alot of piscse in him so he doesn't talk much about his feelings.So i did a short online3 card reading with the question being ( hoe will my relationship with ant progress) These are the cards that were layed out.

    situation 10 coins

    love and me 8 cups

    challenge ace cups

    So what do you think im I wasteing my time with this guy.Thanks to all who can help me this.

  • Hi;

    You are not wasting time.. it looks like you reached the point where you have an amicable leaving.. each of you going their own way. With ace of cups as a challange means that one of you will have someone new coming their way. Let just hope that is you.

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