• Hi all

    I am in dire financial straits and wonder if things will ever improve. My work situation becomes more and more unstable, and yesterday I had a rather heated discussion with my boss who seems to be playing favourites and I'm not top of her favourite list at the moment. I'm tired of being passed over when I've given good service there for three years.

    I'm also wondering when my financial struggles will be over. I've tried to put some things in place to make more money, but that's not working either. There are not many jobs here where I live, and I'm at a loss. Add to that, that I'm on my own; I can't even go to my family for help because they haven't been part of my life for years.

    I'm just so sick of struggling.

    Can anyone see an improvement in my situation, and what I am doing wrong to bring this struggle about?

    Thanks in advance!


  • Moon, with your permission I will try something I have discovered recently I can do - a dark energy removal. Because when I look at your aura, I see a spiral of darkness swirling up from your feet to envelop your whole body. It may help your situation to be clearer about things.

  • Do you see a reason why your feet may be the central point of the energy, from which it goes up through the rest of your body? Your feet seem to be pulsing and throbbing with this negativity.

  • You don't need to ask! Permission is willingly and URGENTLY granted; anything that can help is welcome 🙂 No, I can't see why my feet are "pulsing and throbbing" with this negativity - I thought it was more to do with my upbringing!

    Thanks though! I'm so tired of this, and of seeing those who have more than enough, getting yet more while people like me continue to struggle.

  • I get the feeling I should rip this energy off you quickly like a band-aid, so prepare for a shock to the system! I feel like it has to be sudden to prevent you pulling it back on you like an old tattered blanket that keeps you warm in places but mostly leaves you out in the cold.

    Here we go! R-r-r-i-i-i-pppp!

    Gosh, when I took the dark energy off, you collapsed like a house of cards. This dark energy was holding the old 'you' together. It was like thick dark cobwebs. Now you are free to rebuild yourself any way you want, from a new perspective. I feel it was an old way of thinking keeping you tightly stitched in. You look like a new woman now. So let go and really LIVE! Enjoy your freedom and recreate your life any way you please. I feel like you will have new energy and spirit now, Moon. maybe you should change your name to 'Sunny' because you look to me like you are shiny new and bright.

  • Swatted, did you do this energy release around the time you posted that last response? Because about an hour or so ago, I had a lightbulb moment, and immediately felt better about it all; like a weight had been lifted. I can see a way to fix this now, where I couldn't before.

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I do feel a bit spatially challenged though ... weird around the crown area; a little bit dizzy. I sure hope I can stay upright at work tomorrow haha!

    What exactly did you DO?? I feel different .. exactly like a blanket has been ripped off me. HOW DO YOU DO THAT???

    PHEW! This is weird ... weeeird but gooood





  • Yes I was doing the cleansing as I posted.

    I do feel like I am lifting a curtain or blanket off the people I cleanse. I feel like we all generate and build up this negative energy without realizing - it's like unconsciously putting on a pair of dark glasses. We become blind to what is happening and the darker the energy gets, the less able the person is to see clearly what has to be done. It seems such a simple thing for me to do, but fortunately it seems to have a good effect. I am so glad it helped.

    There may be physical symptoms associated with the energy removal since emotional and mental changes will be occurring inside you. Take it easy for a few days, but I feel the overall results will be beneficial. And now that you can see more clearly, make sure you watch out for any signs the dark energy is returning. Usually though once people become aware of it, it doesn't return.

  • I think the dark energy was coming from your feet because our feet take us forwards and you were having trouble with finding your direction and how to 'move on' from your situation.

    I hope you were OK at work.

  • Well Captain, I was fine at work, but was met with my "nemesis" - the one who is trying to get everything and leaving those of us who have been there longer and need the money more than her, and I wanted to SWAT HER! I've already had words to the boss about this situation because it can't and shouldn't continue, but she's not listening. This one whinges more about everything, while me and the other girl who are suffering sit back and simply try to do our jobs. I don't know how to deal with this situation, because anything I do will look like I'm victimising her, and i'll get nowhere. It is really weighing on me, but I still keep trying to get out of this pall she seems to have cast over me ...

  • How can I thank you? Is there something I can do for you Swatted ... apart from swat ya??

  • Live good to others who need it more than me...and please don't swat me!

    And you don't have to do anything about your co-worker - the universe already has things in motion to deal with all those like her who are not doing the right thing. Don't let her get to you or she wins. Relax and trust that things are being taken care of for you. We are heading towards a new and better world this very month.

  • I hope so Captain, because I'm not far off giving up!

  • And again, thank you, a million times 🙂

  • Believe me, this person at your work is more painful and destructive to herself than to anyone else.

  • I know! Me and others have constantly been on her back about her constant rushing around which achieves very little. I feel sorry for her today, although yesterday (as I said) I dearly wanted to SWAT her! But today, I figured it's not worth me getting het up and bitter. She wants everything and doesn't seem to care who she treads on to get it.

    I guess we'll all get what we deserve in this coming shift. I do feel more hopeful today, and even though I need the money, I'm happy not to be at work today.

    And I've tried to lend an ear and a hand to two people who I think need those things more than I do. I'm hoping both of them find peace sooner rather than later.

    I wish you a very happy Christmas/New Year and a fantabulous year in 2013. I am wishing you this now, just in case I forget! Blessings to you!




  • If you want to learn more about dark energy removal, we are discussing it here -

    Happy Christmas to you and yours! 🙂

  • PS. Buy some Lotto tickets or whatever because I am feeling a VERY lucky period for you coming up in the next few weeks.

  • Thanks again! Funny, because I feel the same lucky-ness in the air too. I'm thinking scratchies, $2 lottery, and I also have an entry in another sweepstake, plus a major lottery with the RSL which - if memory serves - is drawn towards the end of this month. FINGERS CROSSED!

    I'll check out that thread too, although right now, gotta eat and lay out on the grass for a spell. Need some gammas!

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