Career reading please?

  • Hi there,

    I'd love a career reading if someone's got some time to spare.

    I'm worried that the path I wish to embark on is what I really want, but will lead me to much disappointment and rejection. Or is there even something else for me I haven't considered yet that I can be successful in?

    Birthdate: July 23, 1989. Thank you.

    Light and love.

  • rubythursday,

    I feel pressure here for you from someone that is pushing at you to make a career out of an area that your soul+mind, will, emotions do not agree with at all. Yes, there is something else for you to consider and be successful in. What? Your energy feels like a healing type to me, a nurse or more in the lines of x-ray tech and than there is a side line talent coming in here to consider also like writing or pictures as I see pictures here? You are gifted and have talent and really all you need to do is be still and ask for guidence from above and you will be shown the pathway to walk. There is the name of Alice coming in here that you will meet and talk with, Susan and Alex also will be of help to you.

    Happy Holidays,


  • shuabby 🙂

    so i want to change apartment im in, cause it's not worth the price. And i found something good, and i wondering should i take it, will my father agree with my decision,i have to decide as soon as i can, cause i have to tell thw owner if im moving.

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