May someone give me a reading please.

  • Hi,

    I need a reading regarding to a relationship. So I just came back from a trip which I was there to see a guy that I am interested. Everything went well until the last day just before I have to leave. He went into his cave AND I give him some space. I am just wondering will there be any opportunity between us to develope into something more serious? Please help me out


    His DOB Novemeber 19 1987

    Mine is September 12 1985

  • The signs are not good for longevity here. Power struggles are likely to evolve out of any type of relationship between you. It is crucial you both retain each other's respect - if that is lost, the relationship is also lost. You must negotiate with each other fairly - you two will rarely see eye-to-eye without extensive, open, and pragmatic discussion. Confrontations are often the norm here. The sticking points in love and/or marriage will be your friend's preference to roam, or generally to maintain his independence - and your ability to accept and allow such behaviour. Your stern and critical judgments (where respect for him may be lost) could drive him up the wall, eventually alienating him completely. But how could you accept a relationship where one person does whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and with other people? There may be a strong physical attraction between you, but it may be insufficient to override or mitigate these problems. You are both wilful, headstrong, and stubborn people and, while passionate encounters may seem wonderful, you two need more compatibility in other areas for this to work.

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