Cosmic Weather – Monthly Energetic Snapshot for December, 2012

  • a message from Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

    Hello friends. Well we made it through the power portal month of November and here we are! December 2012, wow. We are definitely not the same beings we were a year ago, there’s little doubt about that.

    As you are probably well aware, this is a big month in the cosmic sky with the 12:12/21 Stargate, Winter Solstice and Holiday Season. Me and the Keepers have had so much to stay about that topic, that it has its own blog post. You can read about that below right here and also in the “Blogs” section of this website.

    12:12/21 Blog Post

    Energetically, though this month is very powerful, it feels more quiet and more reflective (especially more towards Winter Solstice/Christmastime,) which is exactly what is indicated for that particular time of year.

    We have been through many power portals and initiations this year, starting with the Venus Transit back in May and just moving forward from there. The month of November by far had the most action with the 11:11 and Solar and Lunar Eclipses. We will most likely be processing the energetic impacts from November well into the New Year.

    Pondering the energetics of this month and the upcoming 12:12/21, the one thing that that really came through was the concept of Fear and its subsequent taming and ultimate eradication. Fear is one of the greatest illusions and distractions of Three Dimensional (3D) reality, along with separation. Many wise sources tell us that Fear, not hate is the opposite of Love. Love is akin to spiritual reality and “right view.” This is what is meant by “Perfect Love casts out Fear.” All of the trials and travails this year were shamanic tests of sorts in the areas of our deepest vulnerability and fears. Also to bring us closer to a Fifth Dimensional (5D) Unity consciousness, where all beings are seen as aspects of the ONE, and part of our spiritual family. The popular saying (and song by Ziggy Marley,) “Love is my religion,” is becoming much more than a catch phrase, and we the ones that make it so.

    Looking at the Sabian Symbols on the chart for Winter Solstice and the 12:21 Gateway this in particular stands out and it’s so appropriate: The target is the Symbol for Pluto on December 2012 – the end of the Process. Pluto will be at 8.56 Capricorn – reading the Symbol for Capricorn 9: AN ANGEL CARRYING A HARP. What does this mean? The Harp is a symbol of different vibrations (in the spiritual world), different levels associated with each string of the Harp. Expect for a step to another level of overall spiritual vibration, a higher angelic one. – Astrology Weekly

    Beloveds, as you come into the Holy Season of worship and rejoicing, it is also a time of the Great Mystery; as you follow your own inner Wise Men/Women to the Great Star of the Self, to the Christ Consciousness within. This is one of the mysteries we have spoken of as “hidden in plain sight.” Some things are dismissed due to their simplicity, but as your Sri Yogananda has said, “God/Divine Mother is simple. Everything else is complex.” – The Keepers, from 12.13.11

    As you celebrate the Return of the Light on Earth, may it also bring the realization that it is YOU. – The Keepers, 11.25.12

    It’s interesting, I was reminded of something that I wrote for the 2012 forecast around this time last year about how in the coming year material things and “stuff” would become less important (Neptune in Pisces,) and qualities like love, compassion for others and community would become more timely and relevant. Little did I know that we would have an epic unemployment rate (here in the US) and another Superstorm to do just that. For those who have lost so much this year, you are in our daily prayers and lightwork. Be well and keep the faith.

    As we head into 2013, may it finally be accepted that we are all in this together. May the Divine Plan be made manifest on Earth. Thank you all so much for sharing in this journey with me throughout this past year. Namaste and many blessings to you.

    NOTE: The 2013 Yearly Forecast will be shared on or around 12/30. Please stay tuned for it!

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