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  • a message from Sarah-Jane Grace

    Message for December 2012

    Welcome back. As wave after wave of shift continues to lap the shores of our souls, there can be no denying the shifting sands and the changing shape of the landscape that we find ourselves in. Everything is changing on so many levels, and whilst it can be hard to keep up with it all, at the same time, there is a growing sense of stillness emerging from deep within as we become One with the change and open up to consciously living and being in the present moment.

    There is an air of excitement and anticipation in December as events such as 12.12.12 and 21.12.12 are upon us. There are many theories and ideas in connection to what these cosmic events will mean for us, and whilst it is part of being human to want to understand what’s happening, at the same time, it is important not to get tied up in knots trying to make sense of it all. Shift happens and we are all a part of that.

    Many are celebrating the above dates with workshops, meditations and healing work, and many are eagerly awaiting the dawn of a new consciousness to be upon us. Yet many more will simply be going about their business like any other day of the year, not even aware of the significance of the shifts and transitions taking place. Whatever our perspective on December 2012, it has been a long time coming!

    It will be over in the blink of an eye, and what next? What comes after the date that so many have been working towards for so long? Will a new date surface to focus on or will new guidance ‘come through’ as to the path ahead? Or perhaps by opening up to the process of being in the present moment we will stop looking ahead and learn how to rest fully and consciously in the present moment?! Will we truly have reached a new state of living and being, and on December 22nd, feel completely different to December 21st? So many questions and so many answers still to find.

    December looks set to be an important month to step back a little from the collective in order to re-centre and re-focus. As we open up more to our spirituality and our Divinity, it seems important to acknowledge that this is a pathway that each of us, ultimately, walks alone. Whilst we may have companions along the way, as well as masters or teachers that bring us insight and guidance, this is a significant time to reclaim our power and to realise that the time has come to go within to find the answers that we seek, for the more we search outside of ourselves, the further away from the answers we seem to step. This is a time to find context to the shifts and changes in order to make it relevant to ourselves and to our lives. As we begin to establish Truth, we can begin to find clarity and vision, strength and courage empowering each of us to live the best lives possible.

    For some, life may feel a little empty for a while once these significant dates have passed, but for many of us, this stillness or quiet is a powerful time for inner re-connection as we open up to the full joy, majesty and magnificence of living consciously and of being Whole. It is time now to ‘be the change’ and to live rich, full, empowered and wonderful lives...

    The New Moon is in Sagittarius on the 13th at 08.41 GMT and the Full Moon is in Cancer on the 28th at 10.21 GMT. Not forgetting the Winter Solstice on the 21st...

    With love,



    December looks set to be a time of powerful shift, movement and change for you on a great many levels of your life. It seems that you have been moving towards this moment for some time as the process of your awakening has been quickening and intensifying. As a result, what seemed important yesterday now seems less so, as new ideas and insights come to the surface bringing you a renewed sense of motivation to step free from the routine of your life in order to embrace a new way of living and being. Whilst you seem ready now to live a life that is more in accordance to your Truth, there can be no denying that to embrace such a path takes courage and belief, for change and shift is likely to occur around you like a mosaic of dominoes tumbling and falling down. Intuitively you know that they will fall in a way that moves your life forward, but there is a strong sense of the unknown, for there are no guarantees.

    As a result, this is a time of trust and faith, for you need to realise that decisions and choices made now will help to shape and define your path ahead for some time to come. However, rather than this realisation daunting you, it is time to feel empowered and inspired, for there is a strong sense that this is your moment to re-take the reins of your life in order to set course for a brand new dawn. This is exciting and liberating, and even though there is a tingle of anticipation connected to the unknowable outcome, you cannot help but feel strong, confident and empowered as you stride forth with Truth as your shining light. It seems clear that the more you can connect to your Truth, that is, to you and your essence, the more likely you are to find your Self...


    You have spent a long time trying to master the art of being everything to everyone; you work hard at giving, being and doing as much as possible in order to spread your energy as far and as wide as possible. Such dedication takes vision and determination

    for there are few who could ‘shape shift’ quite as adeptly as you on such a regular basis. Being everything to everyone is admirable, but it seems that you have forgotten to be everything to one particular person; that person being you. You have become so focused on others that you frequently forget to re-centre and re-connect to your own needs and dreams. Whilst on some levels your dedication to others takes you away from the need to think too deeply about this, there is a growing sense of restlessness within you as the ‘missing link’ in your life becomes more apparent. Of course, this missing link is actually you and your sense of Self, and it seems time now for you to pause for a while in order to re-connect to these.

    December looks set to be a month where you face a choice: continue as you are or pause for a while to contemplate happiness. Are you truly happy as you are? If so, then there is no point trying to fix something which isn’t broken! However, if you feel the presence of this missing link deep within, then perhaps the time has come for you to lean into this slightly in order to find out what’s really missing in your life? In a way, being everything to everyone is a distraction technique that keeps you from looking at your Self, for you are simply too busy! Yet, in those quiet moments, if you feel the pull from within tugging at your consciousness, then try to take some time to re-centre and to contemplate re-shaping your life so that you can start living a life that brings you everything you seek...


    December looks set to be a month of breakthrough for you; it seems that your journey of awakening has, thus far, taken you deeply within, and in this inner world, you have found yourself feeling more confused and confuddled than ever before. The harder you have searched within for ‘the answers’, the more questions have arisen, for the deeper you go, the more ‘unknowable’ everything seems to become! You naturally love to find meaning on your path in life, for you are not one to walk through life head down without ever thinking about the bigger picture. Yet, it is this tendency to gaze at the scenery that often finds you meandering ‘off piste’ as you become distracted by a new ‘answer’ to contemplate or a new question to formulate. Of course, without the freedom to meander, your life would feel less rich and diverse, for it is your meandering that brings you so much wealth and variety!

    Therefore you seem stuck in a powerful dichotomy that has kept you in a slightly confused and bemused state of ‘unknowing’. Of course, you love the thrill of the challenge to piece all of this together in order to make a more cohesive ‘Whole’, but it seems that the puzzle has grown considerably over recent months and you are left wondering if you are here, there or somewhere in between. You seem distinctly underwhelmed with so much at the moment, but as December continues, the fog lifts as you realise that the need to get ‘the answer’ before you can move forward is more of a red herring than anything else. There are times when you just have to get on with the business of living and open up to learning along the way; waiting for all of the answers to fall into place beforehand seems wise, but it also seems likely that this would make for a very long wait...


    December looks set to be a month of new beginnings and new horizons for you as you take some big and brave steps towards living a richer and more fulfilling life. Such a step is not to be underestimated, for it has taken courage, strength and vision to get to where you are now, and whilst, in many ways, you have already done the hardest part by deciding to create change, it seems that the biggest part of this transition is yet to come. As you step from where you are now to where you want to be there is a sense of doubts surfacing as you wonder if you ‘are doing the right thing’. Such thoughts are to be expected and are only natural, but for you, such thoughts can undermine your steadfastness on so many levels. Whilst it would be all too easy to tell you to leave the doubts behind you now, you are simply not wired that way, so it seems wise to suggest that you let these doubts surface but without giving them power. In other words, acknowledge them, but don’t allow them to erode your progress.

    Of course, there is a chance that you decide at the last minute that you are simply not ready for change, but you have worked hard to reach this junction on the crossroads of your life so you need to be sure as to what is creating the doubt in order to make an informed and empowered decision. There can be no denying that you are rapidly approaching a time of exciting and life-affirming change, and you are very much in the driving seat at the current time. What happens next, on many levels, is up to you, and whilst fate always plays a hand, it seems important for you to make your own choices now so that you ride the waves with confidence and leave those ‘if only’s’ very much in the past...


    As you continue to enjoy the return of your creativity, passion, energy and ‘va-va voom’, it seems that you are beginning to look at your life, your path and your world from a fresh and invigorating perspective. What once seemed ‘par for the course’ now seems a little stale, and you can’t help but wonder what more you could be doing with your life. Whilst there is a sense that the status quo of your life is ticking along quite nicely, thoughts of new horizons are titillating your consciousness; you feel like you are on the brink of change, and the anticipation and the expectation is opening you up to thinking way beyond the ‘box’ of life. In essence, it seems that you are seeking out more from life and although you are still trying to work out exactly what this means for you and yours, you can’t help but feel excited by it all! As a result, the expectation of the expectation of change is opening you up to contemplating what you truly want from life.

    December looks set to be a time of inner realisation and outer shift as you bring together your renewed energy with your desire for enrichment. Even though the ultimate destination still seems hidden away in the dawn mists within, you seem happy to embrace this expectation, knowing and trusting that you are being carried forward in the right direction. Therefore, this is a time of excitement and adventure, anticipation and uncertainty, and even though you are ready for ‘something new’, the fact that you have yet to work out what this is doesn’t seem to be stopping you from striding forward with passion and self-belief. So, as the tingles on your skin intensify, make the most of this powerful time of change by being as awake and aware as possible. Open up to your inner world and allow yourself to believe that you have ‘what it takes’ to shine...


    December looks set to be a month of empowerment and inspiration for you as you let go of the layers of doubt within that have been keeping you keeping on with life. Whilst there is nothing wrong in keeping on keeping on, this feels quite mechanical and routine; this is surprising for you as you love to be in the ebb and flow of life, and your current status quo feels far less romantic and poetic in shape and form! Of course, there are times when you have to turn the wheel and just get on with life, but there are also times when you can pause and re-centre as you think about your Self, your life, your path and your levels of happiness and joy. There is a part of you that always puts ‘work first, fun second’ for you value hard work and the rewards that this can bring, but there is a sense that too much hard work can prevent you from being able to enjoy the rewards, for the tank is empty; you have given your all to ‘doing’ and there is nothing left for ‘being’.

    December sees you standing at a fairly major crossroads in your life; although in many ways your life is ticking along quite nicely, you cannot help but feel drawn to replenishing the tank in order to find more time to ‘be’ in your life. Getting on with the business of living has served you well, but you are ready for a little more magic and sparkle now as you contemplate how to re-inject the poetic ebb and flow back into your life. Standing at this crossroads you are likely to feel a mixture of emotions from excitement to fear, for the path ahead seems unfamiliar and unknowable, and yet, you seem ready for this now, and even though you have no idea as to what lies around the next corner, you can feel your strength rising from within to guide you forwards now like a beacon of light on a dark, rainy night...


    The need for focus, vision and self-belief looks set to intensify even further in December as you begin to let go of the clutter on many levels of your life. You are world-class at ‘collecting’ possibilities and opportunities, for you never know if you can make use of them at some point or another in your life. Such a strategy means that you are well-prepared for a variety of options on the path ahead, but this can also feel like a huge burden to carry that weighs you down as you have little room to manoeuvre underneath all of those many layers. As a result, it has become hard for you to centre on what truly makes you happy in life; when it comes to knowing your true priorities and dreams, you seem to be splashing about in the ocean of life trying to stay afloat rather than honing in on your chosen destination.

    Of course, you like to keep your options open in case you change your mind, but your ‘collecting’ strategy now seems to be negating your progress, rather than enhancing it, for you are simply too overwhelmed by the weight of it all. It therefore seems time for you to shed some of those layers now in order to touch the freedom within so you can begin to focus on the Truth of what you want in your life. You are a bright, talented, gifted and intuitive soul, and there are a great many things that you could do and bring to the table of life. It seems important now for you to see that the ‘collecting’ has been a fear-based strategy with the aim of giving you as many opportunities as possible to succeed. However, through this strategy you have lost sight of your Self and your Truth, and you need these back now! So, be brave and let go of the clutter now, let it fall away as your Truth rises up bringing you more clarity, vision and focus than ever before...


    December looks set to be a month for reaching deeply within your Self as you begin to re-centre and fully awaken. Over recent weeks and months you have been peeling back the layers to Self in order to let go of the storylines and beliefs that have been shaping and defining your life for so long. Although some of these storylines and beliefs are positive, some are less so, and they have led you into some repeating patterns and cycles that you are keen to break free from now. At the same time, by exploring these storylines and beliefs you seem to have taken a step even deeper within as you reacquaint your Self with your Truth and re-establish a stronger sense of purpose in your life. Such a path has inevitably brought some challenges to the surface for you, and whilst you have felt frustrated and alone at times, you have also valued these experiences for you have reconnected to your strength and wisdom along the way.

    As you step into December, the spring in your step seems undeniable as you feel a powerful sense of freedom emerging on many levels of your life. Although you may not be exactly where you want to be in life, you intuitively know that you are steadily and swiftly moving in the right direction, and even though you are still not quite sure of your ultimate destination, you feel confident enough to ride the waves and go with the flow as your heart and soul lead the way. There is a growing sense of rebirth and renewal as you feel the freedom and the strength rising up from within, and you have the opportunity now to re-write the story of your life. Such opportunities do not come around often, so grab hold of that pen and centre yourself with your fresh crisp page and let the words flow...


    You have spent a great deal of time in the bird cage of your life recently; you have been contemplating and exploring the myriad of different possibilities and pathways ahead, and trying to work out how to break free from the cage in order to fly free. The bars of the cage are strong and robust, and it seems that they are not for bending! However, it seems that you have become so focused on the bars as obstacles that you have failed to notice the open doorway behind you. In other words, whilst you are open to the possibilities ahead, you have become stuck trying to work out the mechanics of how to get from where you are now to where you want to be. Rather than adopting your usual approach of stepping back and looking at the bigger picture (the open door) you have become focused on the possible challenges and obstacles instead.

    December brings a much needed shift in this perspective as you begin to untangle the knots and dissolve the bars. It is most unlike you to become locked in a cycle of ‘cannot’s’ for your natural state is one of enthusiastic optimist, but it seems that the reason for this lies in the knowledge that you are not the only factor in the equation of your life as there are many other pieces of the equation, and this is where you are struggling. You want to make the right decision for you (to fly free) but you also need to know that you are making the right decision for your ‘collective’. Such a decision is not to be taken lightly, but it seems clear that you now need to pause for a moment in order to re-centre on flying free, for in this space, being part of your ‘collective’ moves beyond the cage, and it feels natural, life affirming and wonderful once again...


    December looks set to be a month of breakthrough on a great many levels of your life. You have been opening up to the concept of ‘awakening’ for quite some time now and even though you have been pondering its true meaning, you have allowed yourself to move with the shifts in consciousness, trusting that the meaning will become clearer in time. As a result, you now find yourself standing on a precipice in your life; behind you is the person you used to be, and before you, hidden in the mists of the valley below is an array of possibilities when it comes to ‘what’s next’ in your life. Although you usually like to keep your feet firmly on the ground, you feel quite excited by the unknowable feel of what lies ahead; you feel empowered and inspired knowing that you are changing, shifting and evolving.

    In many ways you have spent a great deal of time walking placidly on a ‘lead’ in your life; you have mastered the art of ‘stay’, ‘heel’ and ‘sit’ and have willingly done everything expected of you. Whilst you are not a canine, there have been times of your life when you have felt that the lead (the ‘rules’, the expectations and the storylines) has shaped and defined you, and whilst you have allowed the lead to remain in situ, you have felt frustrated that, by following the rules, you haven’t had the freedom to explore all the nooks and crannies of life and become the person that you intuitively know you can be. December brings you an opportunity to shake off the lead in order to run free; you may feel overwhelmed at first and run around in circles chasing your tail, but then you are likely to see the open space ahead of you and feel the exhilaration of being free. This looks set to be a powerful, magical, empowering and profound time of your life...


    As the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of your life continue to come together in harmony and unison, it seems that your faith in life is rising exponentially as a result. Whilst you are not one to take things for granted, you cannot help but feel a rush of excitement as things slot together one by one, and you can intuitively sense that everything is moving in the right direction. You have worked long and hard at placing those challenging and odd-shaped puzzle pieces into your life, for you have always known that they can come together into a beautiful and magnificent Whole. You have a somewhat eclectic mix of wonderful gifts, and there have been times when you have struggled to see just how you can bring them together in your life. Yet, you have never given up and your faith and belief are paying off now as the puzzle is finally taking shape and form.

    Interestingly, it seems that the picture depicted on the puzzle is not quite as you expected, and you are a little unsure as to the reason for this, but the result is far more exciting, intriguing and magical. It therefore seems important not to analyse the puzzle too closely in case you once again become lost in the detail, but instead to celebrate on the finished masterpiece, and whilst you intuitively know that this is but the first step on the journey ahead, you owe it to yourself to pause for a while to celebrate your hard work and belief. December looks set to be a month of focusing very much on the present moment; a time to live fully in the now and to celebrate the wonderful masterpiece that you have created. Although your thoughts may naturally start to pull towards what happens next, it seems important for you to remain in the moment in order to fully capture and embrace the magic and the magnificence...


    As you continue to change, evolve, shift and transform throughout December, it seems that even you are becoming a little dizzy at the speed of it all. There are times when you feel like you have been spinning around and around on the spot, and you feel captured and stuck in those few seconds after you have stopped and the world swoons . As those seconds turn into hours, days and weeks, it is understandable for you to try to push against the swooning in order to re-establish stillness and tranquillity once again. However, there is a strong sense that the harder you push against this, the deeper into the spiral you fall, for everything starts to shift even further out of focus. Yet, like a spinning top, there always comes a time when it naturally reaches stillness, and it seems that you need to find a way to trust the process knowing that you too will find your natural still point soon. Not easy when you are giddy by the whizz and feel nauseous from the swooning, but you intuitively know that you have to find a way.

    Whilst it is hard to spend your days swooning and spinning, you are, by birth, a fluid soul, so by going with it, rather than resisting it, you may just find that the intensity starts to ease. Of course, this takes a great deal of faith and trust, but you have tried to resist and it hasn’t got you very far, so what have you got to lose by trying to go with it for a while? Of course, only you can make such a decision, but underneath the spinning, it seems clear that you are undergoing an intense and powerful process of awakening, and the more At One you become with this now, the more likely you are to awaken feeling Whole, complete and magnificent. Although the waves are choppy and intense, powerful and profound, use this as a momentum to set your Self free...

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