I would love a birthday reading

  • Hi,

    Yesterday was my birthday (12/1/58). I would love to have a reading about what my new year might have in store. thanks,


  • I pulled 9 cards for you to give you an overview of past, present and future...

    Roots - Six of Swords

    Recent Past - Queen of Swords

    Self-Undoing - The Devil

    You - 4 of Pents

    Situation - 6 of Cups

    Higher Power - 9 of Swords

    Near Future - Ace of Cups

    Far Future - 8 of Pents

    Lesson - 6 of Pents

    It seems as though you are still in a phase of releasing the past. You have been struggling to let it go and move on which is keeping you stuck. Stop trying so hard to hang onto something that only brings you grief. Sometimes we do this without even realizing it because it is somehow easier to maintain the status quo than to step into the unknown. So the very thing that keeps us unhappy is what we cling to - like a security blanket - to escape that subconscious fear of what will replace it if anything. There is a chance for a new love in your near future, but I must caution you that it may be repeating a lesson. The lesson is repeated until learned! Do you give too much in relationships only to be let down, abandoned, or betrayed in some way? You must learn to set your boundaries as people will respond to us - treat us - the way we treat ourselves. Learn when to say "no." Learn to BELIEVE in yourself and that you DESERVE to be loved and treated with respect. Love and respect yourself enough to walk away when someone does not treat you well and only takes while you do all the giving. Think back to this past relationship that is still so much in your energy field right now. Look at it with a clear and detached perspective. What went wrong and why? Learn from it so you don't have to go through it again!

    Hope this helps you in some way.

  • Watergirl,

    You pretty much hit the nail on the head. I am still in the process of releasing a recent relationship. It hasn't been long, just a few weeks, so even though I am trying it still has a bit of a grip on me. While I welcome the idea a a new love, i do fear going through this again. I know what went wrong so now it is just a matter of slogging through it until I no longer feel the pain and loss. thanks for the reading. I will try to keep your words in mind.


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