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  • Hello. I had a VERY disturbing dream last night and need some help before I lose my mind lol. I had a dream that my sister was weeks pregnant by my CRUSH!! I was livid and hurt in my dream, and she was very nonchalant. I remember cursing at her and following her around the house ranting and raving. She knew I had a crush on the guy in my dream, and she knows who my crush is in reality. He wasn't in my dream. in the dream, she would try to explain what happened but I was so hurt, disgusted and angry that I'd just cut her off and continue yelling and carrying on. Whew! I woke up exhausted and looking for a fight lol, luckily no one was awake yet. Can someone tell me what this is all about? Thanks in advance.

  • Hi. This dream is obviously about your insecurity in relation to that crush of yours, mixed up with siblings rivalry, which is quite common. Probably deep down you can feel that he is not reciprocating, and possibly you perceive your sister to be somewhat more easy going, happy person than yourself. Maybe it's not even about your sister, but someone who in some ways reminds you of your sister. Whatever it is, remember that in your dream she was trying to explain herself, and you didn't give her a chance, because of being overwhelmed by your feelkings. Maybe there is a situation in your life, with similar emotional dinamic. If it something similar does occur in real life (for instance someone takes something that you perceive rightfully yours) , you should let the person explain herself, before picking up a fight.

  • feelings*, sorry for the typos

  • Thanks for the insight! I have been feeling a little insecure lately (trying to lose weight). As for my crush and sister, if that ever happened in real life I'd react the same way. That's my sister and that would be extremely disrespectful, no need to explain. I've always been the happy-go-lucky one between my sister and me, so it's not the personality. But maybe I feel as though she's more physically attractive right now. Not to mention that my crush and my sister have their moons in the same sign. My moon sign opposes my crush's O_o. I don't know, maybe I should just get over him or tell her she'd be better paired with him (there's a story behind why I would say something like that). Anyway, thanks again.

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