Any reading or insight would be appreciated - Love/divorce/future

  • I am hoping to connet with someone on a higher plane who can give me some advice through any sort of reading or psychic connection. I have been married for 19 years on July 19th. In January, my husband decided he wanted a divorce and retained an attorney, for a medicated divorce leaving out detail regarding my oldest daughter's ADD and social problems, my younger daughter's developmental delays and my own problems dealing with post traumatic brain injury. Granted he is not the most empathetic man and our marriage has been an uphill battle for me, so in many ways it should be a relief. We have led a fairly platonic life for a couple ofyears anyway. He moved out in January. For years he failed to recognize the needs of our kids and my own needs. He always had an excuse as to why we could get the kids therapy I thought tey needed or why a marriage or family counselor was not going to help us. Everything was always "my fault". I have to be the fix it man for the house most of the time and pay for kids therapy and extras - although he did pay most of the mortgage and the bills - FOr a long time he made me pay 1/2 of everything and would never hire enough help to get things done in the house.

    I could have left my husband at any time and found any number of men interested in me, but that is not "my way" of doing things.

    After a brief discussion with his attorney, his attorney actually advised me to get an attorney. My husband had left out so much pertinent information, his lawyer had no idea what he was taking on. Needless to say, the therapy bills and attorney bills have been mounting. One of the agreements was that a lot of work that had to be done on the house we live in that my husband negelected to have done for years, would have to be done to make the house safe and livable for myself and my daughters (the oldest currently lives with her father). This has also resulted in fights and confusion because the money for repairs has run out and there is about 25,000 more to do. On top pf that , my kids need school advocates. Today the water pump for our well went out. Another thingthat will cost money to fix. I was pushing for a legal separation to prolong health care and dental coverage for myself and to give me a little more time to adjust to things. I suspect that this will ultimately end in divorce. Everyone says I will be better off. Even the contraactor who is doing the work on my house says I will be better off. The contractor has, in fact, beenvery nice to me, much kinder than my husband and has become what I would call a friend. I now turn to my questions.

    Which brings me to my questions. What do you see as happening with me, my husband an dmy kids and my job. Is my friend the contractor just being nice to me because he is a nice person, or because - he has to be nice to me because I have to pay him and he has to have more work and needs happy customers to promote his work? Or does he genuinely "like me"?

    I don't know quite what to think of the connection I have with the contractor, except that I feel that it was not entirely "accidental".

    We seem to have the same artistic interests and we have already admitted that there is a psychic conection between us - perhaps some sort of a "past life" encounter.

    I can give you some birthday information:

    My BD 3-14-1958, 04:19 AM Lubbock Texas

    My husband 6-12-1961 Oakland, CA

    My oldest child 10-01-2001 11:54 PM Berkeley, CA

    My youngest child: 1/10/2001 11:01 AM Berkeley, CA

    Our contractor 11-16-1965

    I don't want to load images on a public forum, but if you contact me at: I can give you some photos. You can also email me there.

    Bless you all for any insight you can give me.

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