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  • hi,

    I have been living some interesting experiences and wanted to share with you, wondering if this do happen to you and how do you explain them.

    One night I woke up in the middle of a dream. In the dream i was given a note on a paper from my mom saying that: " I am very very sad. " while I woke up I see my son jumping up on the bed and telling me (sleep-talking) the same exact thing. he said it that way : " yes -- I am very very sad "

    I freaked out.

    i called my mom next morning and she seemed all good.

    last night I was arguing with my husband and I got loud. My son woke up and told me why are you being so loud. I was covering up and told him that I was dreaming some arguments with his dad and I was sleep talking. and he told me I was dreaming that same thing meanwhile and he described it the same as it happen in the reality. we were in different rooms.

    Also today I was half asleep, trying to nap and I had a sensation of something moving forward and fast toward something that it didn't seem to move out of the way. So before I could hear or feel the crush in it I heard a real crush of my son's special Christmas collection decorations in the floor, that woke me fully up. I jumped up and was wondering what was this simultaneous thing again. It seemed like I was feeling the energy of the things falling down in the floor while they did, but I had a visual sensation of it.

    so it seems like me and my son are very connected.

    So is this a normal thing ?

    Do you experience these things too ?

    what does this tell me about us ?? me and my son ??

    thank You for reading and very welcomed your comments !

  • the **** mean 'visual'

    I cant understand why is hided

  • hahah I can't believe that :

    so again the **** means V-i-s-u-a-l


  • ohh the site is having trouble with one letter. the one between the C and B


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