• Dear The Captain, I was wondering if you could do a follow up reading that was done for me Please?

    My inquiry was in regard to whether or not I will have communication with my friend (G) by the end of this year.

    She stated: NO, I will not hear from him PERSONALLY; however, I will hear from friends or associates regarding him.”

    Since I no longer talk or associate with the negative individuals from the company; I am wondering as to HOW I will receive this information regarding him?

    I have copied and pasted what she said:

    Hi StandingTall, I had to laugh because you sound like me! Yes, I got a strong message about the deaths. Spirit was acknowledging it to me yesterday night. It didn't come from a reading. I don't know who info may come thru. I think you will be hearing something. I believe I drew 9 of wands in friends/assoc. Do you know someone connected w/him. Perhaps you're holding onto the idea of communicating w/him. You can look up the meanings of the cards online. So, what are you doing in the meantime. Reading points to developing better friendships.

    Basically, I am wondering as to WHO will contact me in regard to bad news concerning my friend (G)? Will it be his daughter, employees, or will I hear about it on the News e.g.. Paper, TV.

    Your Insight Please

  • I agree there will be no direct communication.

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