Update anyone please?

  • Its hard to trust your intuition when you confronted with negativity or when you are emotional about an issue. Things seem to be going nowhere. I manifest where I want to be. Will it just take more time? How long?


  • I'm not sure what your question is in reference to, but here is what came through....

    I saw you as wanting to break free or be free of something and trying to push through or force it to happen. This is about a man or a situation that makes you feel oppressed and has involved a struggle or some fighting of some sort. Your home is involved in some way. Are you waiting to hear some news and getting frustrated or impatient? There is a lot of male energy and ego involved - some of which is yours. Not really a bad thing, just impatience at wanting to move forward. Be aware that in your desire to be free you may be creating blocks for yourself. Focus on what you want to manifest, yes, however you must also ACCEPT where you are now. Currently you are in resistance which is what is creating the energy block. Your advice is to do your best, make a concerted effort, to be happy and enjoy your life now in spite of this man or situation. Prepare for the holidays. Go out with your friends. Just take time each day to experience peace and happiness. Have a cup of tea and just sit in silence for a few minutes. Go with the flow, be patient, you will get what you want.

  • Thank you so much watergirl18. You are spot on! I think I am going to do exactly that, relax and focus on having fun, go to yoga and be quiet with myself. So far it is working. I am guessing I'll get to the next place when I am meant to. Patience is tough to accept sometimes.

    I am working on my tarot reading skills and it is so much fun to discover your own intuition as it is developing. I am turning that outward to work with others and try not to read myself too often.


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