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    Rites of Passage 2012

    ~ The Rite of Co-Creation ~

    It is at this moment in our evolution that we develop our abilities to authentically cocreate

    with our beloved Father Mother God and the Councils of Light.

    As a result of Soul Absorption, we may increasingly know and experience ourselves as

    pure consciousness, living life in a human body while radiating a force of light that greatly

    affects every person we meet and every creation we desire to bring forth through our

    illumined form.

    The mastery of true co-creation emerges when we are operating from “divine personality”

    and we have established a direct connection with God. Having fully actualized our

    intimate connection with Source, we can now realize ourselves as one of the great

    builders of form and a mighty creator within the planetary scheme.

    This Rite of Passage sets into momentum the greater awareness of “how” we magnetize our

    new creations while serving as a fully conscious Divine Human through which the group

    consciousness is functioning.

    We are preparing to walk in the world as a true servant of the Divine Plan while working

    with a completely different mode of manifestation. Through this initiation, we may

    develop expanded abilities to wield the power to transform instantaneously. We may be

    granted the ability to effectively wield the Sacred Fire, command the elements and even

    positively manipulate atomic matter.

    This increase in ability also comes with the knowledge that we, of ourselves, can do

    nothing. It is the Great Spirit within us that quickens all desired acts of our greater service.

    When our mind, heart and entire nature is reanimated to Spirit first and foremost, our

    motivations are enlivened with the divine power of co-creation.

    Each preceding Rite has brought us to the point where our awareness is now completely

    focused in the Group I AM Consciousness. As we become more acutely aware of the

    divine purpose of our group, we give more of our self in which to cooperate intelligently.

    Our smaller plans and ideas will gracefully merge into the greater whole.

    Co-Creation with Divine Principle

    The key to co-creation from the 5th dimensional level of consciousness is to always be in

    perfect harmony with Divine Principle.

    This initiation serves as a greater expansion of the principles put forth in several of the

    preceding Rites of Passage.

    Know God First

    Our primary point of focus is to know God above all else. We consciously live our eternal

    unity with God, first and foremost, having complete and unwavering reliance upon God

    and nothing else. It is then that we may magnetize forth our co-creations with Source as a

    matter of our Divine Birthright.

    God remains our focal point upon which every thought, word and act is centered and

    conceived. With the whole of our attention sustained upon God, that which we seek to

    manifest comes forth effortlessly.

    May we uphold prominently in our mind the thought of God, always, knowing positively

    that this is the one point from where all creation originates and where all creation


    The Power of God Immanent

    God represents the core energy of all true desire and its outward manifestation.

    When we know the Self and God as one, all of our great works may be accomplished

    instantly. To know oneself at the deepest level is to simultaneously know and experience

    God manifesting in our life. God is then the pure mirror of our thought force.

    Everything we think of, in the name of God, produces a vibration that coheres our energy.

    This includes all supply, manifestations and co-creations in service to the Divine Plan.

    With divinity aflame inside of us, we are always in command. We all have the innate

    power to speak the word of authority, that word being God. From this stance of immanent

    knowing, we can confidently declare… THERE IS NO GREATER POWER THAN THE GOD



    It is from this state of ‘knowing’, that every command is answered. As creator beings, we

    know never to go back to the asking as this attitude engenders doubt.

    It is in knowing ourselves as God that we are able to positively demonstrate that we are in

    perfect harmony with Divine Principle.

    All is Here and Now, Accomplished

    All is accomplished as soon as the thought arises. Once we realize this, we rise out of any

    and all limitation.

    The human mind is a divine spark of the almighty consciousness of God. Whatever the

    powerful mind knows very intensely will instantly come to pass. The moment that we

    realize everything already exists for us, the condition manifests at that very instant.

    Negative words, feelings, and stressful planetary conditions have absolutely no power

    except that which we give to them. The moment that we cease feeding them our energy,

    they no longer have life and thus, they cease to exist altogether.

    In our refusal to accept ANY form of negativity, we witness our departure from the

    paradigm of suffering.

    Throughout humanity’s history, we have been hypnotized into believing in negative

    conditions and their outer appearance. May we absolutely refuse all negative quality

    appearing in our life.. refuse to speak it, refuse to perceive it, refuse to abide within it. All

    negative conditions will soon disappear entirely from our life and world.

    This IS the perceptual shift in ascending consciousness.

    Co-Creation with the Unified Field

    We are connected to everything and everyone through a highly attuned field of energy

    which contains the perfected blueprint for all existence and from which all information

    can be instantly accessed.

    This Divine Reality exists within us and around us at all times. We have only to drop our

    preconceived notions of linear reality to reveal the guidance and truth constantly

    streaming forth from the Unified Field.

    Ultimately, everything... the elements of nature, people, animals, the space around us…

    all life is a collection of pulsating charges that are repeating patterns and constantly

    reforming itself. The same particles of energy, over and over, reflecting the one



    As an emerging race of God realized beings, more and more of us will become co-creators

    in connection with the Unified Field and its primordial devic substance.

    Through our expanding multidimensional awareness, we come to see and know the living

    elemental forces in nature and can work with them for the purposes of the Divine Plan.

    Some we will control and positively manipulate, others we will cooperate with and others

    we will absolutely obey.

    We can work with the forces of nature through intelligent cooperation with the other great

    elemental builders, owing to the purity and sacredness of our own life and the height of

    our vibration and knowledge.

    We can be in control of the storms and other stressful atmospheric conditions, every one

    of us. We can be in control of every natural element.

    It is the realization of these facts and the ability to produce or precipitate formed

    substance through Universal Law that the true Avatar can be seen.

    Instantaneous Co-Creation

    From the still point of our equanimity centered in the eternal now, we have the power to

    manifest instantly on the physical plane through thought and feeling alone.

    A God realized being is able to employ the inherent divine knowledge of light to project

    instantly into any desired creation. Through aligned will, the manifestation is then

    determined by the intensely held intention.

    All events in our precisely adjusted universe are lawfully explicable and manifested. The

    so-called miraculous powers of an enlightened human being are a natural unfoldment to

    the subtle Universal Laws that operate in the expanded realms of consciousness.

    Understanding this, we realize that nothing can be really considered as a miracle.

    The Rites of Passage are initiations which set into motion the actualization of these greater

    abilities through an accelerated mind and a generating inner power to co-create with

    divinity. We cannot expect these initiations to be instantly realized at their inception.

    Quickly upon us, however, is the emergence of a cultural creativity of such wondrous

    dimensions that the world will stand amazed. Our new creations will recognize the

    Universal Laws that govern the abstract and subjective realms of life, successfully

    combining science with spirituality.

    As a God realized humanity, we will eventually come to recognize the lawful omniscience

    of the God within and the God inherent in all others.


    The accompanying Mp3 audio transmission

    to this Rite is located on our website.

    With Love,

    Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation

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