Hi Moon, it's been a while.. May I have an update reading pls?

  • Hi Moon50,

    How are you? I hope your well, and are on the right love track 😉 It's been a few months since we talked. I am wondering if you can give me an update reading.. Still relationship and career questions... my boyfriend and I are in a good place right now. He's been working a lot and I think he's stressed out. Your readings were dead on about his family - last week, he finally started to open up and told me he's an abandoned child, and he is not happy whenever he thinks about his family members.. Still as you said before, he has hinted at getting married for quite a few times.. and he started to "brain wash" me in a funny way why i should consider getting married altho he didnt say who I should marry to lol. It's pretty cute. Here comes my question - do you feel if he will propose by the end of this year? I am thinking to terminate my apt lease if he proposes soon, so I can move in with him or find a new place together. I pay too much for rent, and my financial situation is not all that stable right now..

    On the other hand, I am still looking for a job ;( you were right - I was barking on the wrong tree. My original job hunt plan will probably never fly.... apparently my bf doesnt care much if i have a job or not.. he makes good money, and if I want, he can support me.. I just dont think its a right time to do so, and I never want to depend on a man financially.. I am thinking.. well, if we do get engaged or married soon, maybe I can get a job through his connection/network or even work for him.. what you think, Moon? Will it be possible? Any insight would be appreciated. I promise I wont keep pushing u for answers this time 😉 Hope to hear frm u soon. Thanks!

  • Hi again!

    He wants to know that you actually are interested in getting married, and that you actually would want to marry HIM. If you are interested in both, the please let him know! He is trying to overcome his fear of abandonment, and doesn't want to lose you, although he's sure done some things in the past that looked otherwise. If he is prepared to overcome his fears, then you need to let go of yours.

    I keep getting the answer "NO", but I think this pertains to the idea of you being supported by him. KEEP WORKING. This will keep you financially independent, with his income a back up for you, as yours will be for him. You will not fare well being dependent on someone.

    I don't see you working directly for or with him really, but he will be instrumental in you finding another work situation which is more up your alley.

    I don't blame you for pushing for answers - so to speak - we all would like to know where we're heading, are we on the right track, are we with the right people?

    You are with the right man here. He knows it, and is trying to convince YOU of that.

    Go for it. Leap in with this one, otherwise you might regret it for a very long time. You know what they say: nothing ventured, nothing gained. DO IT.

    As for me, I did take some comfort in your opening words that I am on the right love track (thank you for passing that on, because I have doubts WHAT'S NEW?? haha) I have lit my little baby blues on a fellow here who is a farmer and been on his own for a long time, but don't know if he's actually who I'm going to be with or not. Time will tell ...

    Hope this helps!




  • Good morning dear Moon!

    What a surprising reading from you. Thank you so much! I have some confusion here. I would like your clarification and your insight if you dont mind.. As for the marriage, well, whenever he hinted at it, I never really gave a clear answer. I do have my fear. I mean I dont want him to know that "yes, she wants to get married and marry ME for sure". Then he might think of me being desperate and he might get lazy working on the proposal.. Make me wait longer.. I dont know. It's just my wild thoughts.. I really dont know how to balance the crazy thoughts. I want him to know that I am ready to say yes to him, and at the same time, I dont want him to feel like he has got me 100%. You know what I mean? I did start saying all the nice words to him, like you are the one I wanna be with, blabla.. So I think he knows that to some extent. Who knows! He's so hard to read on.. So Moon, since you said I should let him know, can u please give me some idea about HOW? like what should I respond if he brings it up again?

    And for the second part, what you mean by saying you keep getting a NO? did it refer to me not working for him? I dont think I wanna be a housewife.. He constantly works. I would be too bored if I become one.. and finally I will go insane lol.

    Last but not the least, do you feel if he will propose soon no matter what?

    It's nice to know your on the right track. I am so happy to read that i am with the right man. I do hope things work out on your side also that you man loves you and treasures you like no other. You have a beautiful heart and deserves a good man. I wish you the best, Moon. oxoxox

  • Another confusing question - I am not sure if you meant it or not.. from what you said, I assume that at this stage, he doesnt know for sure if I wanna marry him or not, right?

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