Francis of Assisi Through Ron Head: Accept what is brought to you now in Gratitu

  • Francis of Assisi Through Ron Head: Accept what is Brought to you now in Gratitude and Joy

    As channeled by Ron Head – November 28

    I am known in your time as Francis, Francis of Assisi. I have asked to speak with you now in order to reach the hearts of many who approach this next time with apprehension and fear.

    You will find that as you and I speak more with each other this will become much more natural, just as it has between you and Michael.

    When I walked the earth as Francis, reaching a state of illumination, meaning being able to speak with spirit and be in communication with one’s Self, was no simple thing. Most of humanity at that time was simply trying to survive from one day to the next. Most travel could only be done by foot. If one were lucky enough to have a beast to carry him, it might be easier and a bit more speedy. Most did not leave their immediate surroundings in their entire lifetimes.

    Communication was mostly by word of mouth. If one could read and write, one could still only reach as far as a piece of parchment or paper could be carried. The only education available where I lived was through the church, and that was available to very few.

    Now your world is very different. This has brought you to an ability to travel and communicate, to learn, that we did not even dream of. And yet, you have also reached the point of finally seeing with clear eyes the condition of the world in which you live, and it has not filled you with happiness. You see, thanks to your amazing ability to communicate, that you are destroying your world and each other.

    You have decided that you would turn the direction of your society around, and you have asked for the spiritual help to do so. So many changes have been happening that it is difficult to know even where to begin speaking of them. But the most important thing is that you have chosen to align yourselves with the flow of the energies of time and change which have always been the will of the Divine.

    It matters not what you and your fellows call that Divine energy. It only matters that you acknowledge it and work with it and not against it, that you do not attempt to twist its will to fit your own selfish ends.

    You have achieved this in an amazingly short period of time and have made yourselves ready to experience a vast cosmic event to your benefit instead of to your world’s destruction. Yes, vast and mostly unseen aid has been yours in this endeavor, but your own efforts, personal efforts, have been what have prepared you for these next few weeks. Please be at peace in your hearts and know that only your highest and best interests are the intent of your Creator and his angels, of we whom you call masters, and of all you sometimes speak of as the Company of Light.

    We wish you to know that you are being made as ready as it is possible to make you. You have placed so much expectation upon this time, and listened to so much obsolete prediction, that you have let much worry and fear cloud what should be, and will be, the most wondrous time in the history of this planet or indeed any other.

    Just let the worry and fear go. Accept what is brought to you now in gratitude and joy. And as surely as I am speaking to you now, know that you, you as an individual, have nothing to fear because your biggest fear can never happen to you. You may not always be called John or Mary, just as I am not always known as Francis, but you will always be. You are too precious to your Creator for that not to be true.

    If only you learn to love yourselves as you are loved, that alone will change your world to a condition you would call heaven.

    I ramble now. I have said what I came to say and I bid you peace and farewell. Godspeed.

  • Thanks for posting this poetic i am really big on saints at the moment 🙂

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