Orienting Transmission from the Omni Mind of Creation

  • a message from Meredith Murphy

    Message from the Omni Mind of Creation

    Invocation: I call upon the Infinite Oneness, the Omni Mind of Creation, for insight and wisdom, transmissions of energy and information relevant to Earth's unfolding newness and to our participation here with mastery and grace.


    Divine Being of Light,

    I speak to you as one speaks to themselves; as a powerful inner orienting voice of truth and wisdom, love and affiliation. It is within the wholeness that we are that you know yourself best, and all experiences which you have that you find difficult are because you feel other than who you truly are. It is this true knowing which binds us together as you enter into the difficult terrain of form and it is this knowing which expands as you give your allegiance and your recognition to it.

    Living as begins of light, in form, has always been challenging and had it's difficulties. In all life experiments which evolve for the purpose of participation with realities constructed of form in bodies constructed of form, there are challenges with increasing the immensity of the connection to the experience while balancing this with the inner connection to that from which you have extended. It is always a powerful opportunity to see how much of yourself you can retrieve and implant into the form and also to see how the form is altered and the constructs of the form, or the experiment shattered and re-assembled as you find your way into fuller embodiment.

    At this time as you open your hearts to the true knowing of your being, there is a liberation of light within form that is truly legendary. It has been spoken of and longed for by many tribes who have affiliation with Earth and by Gaia herself. As you know yourself to be truly, deeply, entirely Divine, you step forth into that knowing and the ranks of those present who embody their light, grows.

    It is this growing collective of confident beings present and the devotion of their focus which has empowered Gaia to also focus with devotion--for all of you are connected. As you become increasingly responsible for your own clarification and upliftment, then others who were playing the role of reflecting back to you, your illusionary loyalties can release that from their being and also become increasingly sovereign and whole. For you see, as reflections of one another, as pieces of the same whole, you are naturally affected both by your wholeness and by the individuated stream that flows forth from your continuum of being. So you must find balance with this and also to find ways collectively to open up to true knowing about your wholeness, and in this recognition to then return to your own embodied presence as your source of power to help and up-lift the collective whole.

    It is only in your own wholeness that you have anything to offer to the whole, in regards to this process of ascension. And so it is of the utmost importance that you begin there. And by all means, this means all aspects of your happiness. You will need to find ways to give yourself permission. To stop making excuses for why you are not able to do certain things which you actually want and desire and to find ways to simply say, "Yes!" to your heart and your inspiration as they speak to you and guide you in your pathway of birthing a new home.

    It is important for you to satisfy your desires as they exist in your human form.

    It is often not apparent to those of you who have experienced the Divine through the guises of religion or organized spirituality that all of your desires are fine. They are also exactly what would work for you, and it's simply up to you to decide what to act upon, what to create and what you would most like to experience. You are cultivating and creating an experience here that reflects what you would wish to understand through experience in form as an expression of Life! All of this is noble and beautiful. I/We benefit from all of the expressions you are choosing--so do not second guess yourself or doubt yourself, see instead what it might be like to just let yourself let go of trying so hard to be good or right or pure or saintly or anything like this--you already are this! There is no need to try and be this! The acceptance of this truth is one of the most important aspects of life on Earth. Even your Divine scientists, your spiritual leaders, the most powerfully present intelligent beings on your planet throughout history have at times made mistakes in thinking one thing is better than another. It is not. It is simply important for you to be yourself, and to love that version of you, whomever that turns out to be. In doing so, you will facilitate the purity of your wholeness coming forth, increasingly, and layer upon layer of sacred wounds from distortions of the love that you are taking place in your perceptions of experience, will dissolve into a unified, integrated, full and intensified presence! It will take your breath away the simplicity of the way you will find your joy. It may include what you consider magical things and it may include things you find to be totally mundane and humble and all of it already had enormous capacity to delight you--it is simply that you at last will be able to open up the living library of Earth and take advantage of the fullness present here!

    Liberating vast annals of time and templates of being, creating new holographic structures and re-aligning to the eternal newness being birthed here is something which can happen effortlessly (so to speak--for yes, I do know of the pain and physical challenges of re-birthing your body and we cannot minimize this), when you allow yourself to really and truly make your own well being, your own happiness, your own peace, your priority. It is in continually returning to an alignment, a self-unity with yourself, that you create the opportunity for the larger experience of collective Self-Unity to move from the causal plane into manifest reality.

    Each of you will have to find your way into this harmonious state of being to join the new wholeness that Gaia is bringing forth. It will be available and open to any and all who resonate with and have affinity with the self-love implicate as form in this span of being.

    The Mayan Veil, is simple a time-lock created to separate aspects of this intelligent life system, by frequency. It is one of the many veils within your reality that keep things

    which are already present and available, invisible and un-perceived in your experience until you discover them as your frequency and human energy system alter and come into resonance. The great mysteries of life is that there are multiple simultaneous expressions of Earth's reality apparent to any who have the vibrational affinity to perceive them. There is already an expression of the Earth's ascended newness available to those who are ready to live and be there. It is simply a matter of vibrational resonance and perception.

    As a result of this, those of you who are using the frequencies of these potent alignments and solar activity to further be used by your energy system to uplift you, will find new openings to reality in perception and thus experience.

    Do not forget dear one, that perception IS experience.

    And so it is your ability to resonate with alternate perceptual or vibrational bands of experience that is actually what you are seeking in your quest of Divine Embodiment for the purpose of masterful participation in planetary ascension.

    As you open your hearts to your own inner knowing and give up all ideas that you are not enough, as you let go of the need to make others different or wrong, as you simply stop thinking about how others do things and instead find ways to enjoy others--no matter how simple it may be--the more your perceptions will open you to new avenues of life.

    It is difficult for you to realize that the shift that is taking place is simply a perceptual shift. It is not something that will take place first in the outside world to then encourage you to come out fearless and with your heart wide open. It is as you open your heart and discover an absence of fear--which simply is not present in the sea of true knowing as love--that you actually have different perceptions and thus experiences of life.

    The mysterious thing unfolding is that you are not doing this alone. That the planet and the sentient presence of Gaia, along with the collective of humanity, is also ascending. The animals and the plants, the nature kingdom and the mineral kingdom--all of these other living aspects of the Divine present in your world as matter and form, are also part of this vast unfolding. The timelines of these beings are merging with higher dimensional expressos of their being and the nature kingdom and other physical expressions of matter on Earth are like all forms, already existing in multiple dimensions of reality. For remember, all life form is harmonic--every aspect of the Omni Oneness that exists as individuated expression has within it's continuum of being a unique harmonic structure spanning all dimensions. It is this fullness of the uniqueness which will be liberated as Earth moves into a 12-dimensional wholeness, and the Oneness, the Infinite Time or Zero Point of that wholeness is best perceived and understood through, as many have learned in countless pathways home, full presence.

    It is the ability to be present in the moment, to all that is and all that you are, all that you notice and all that you feel. Appreciating it all, not needing to change anything. Allowing it to be and yourself to be in and as it, in pure participation as an adoring presence, as an aware perspective as as confident knower, these are indicators of the newness that you seek.

    Of course as the planet continues to change your ability to do this is further supported. As you invoke your highest expression of being and allow yourself to be guided, from within, into the fullness of this, you support all life as well. This collaboration and dynamic leap-frogging into higher and higher realms of joy and upliftment is the nature of our Divine Wholeness.

    When you begin to realize the immense gifts of al those close to you, the incredible purity of their ability to clearly reflect to you that which you are, the amazing honesty of expression through embodiment that you often entirely deny, you will be moved to tears and laugh out loud at all you have missed and all your now, so joyfully and with enormous appreciation, see.

    The Living Library of Earth seeks to be met, and yet awaits your acknowledgement with no impatience, no concern, with love and enjoyment of what is, with intention and anticipation of what is emerging and it is within this enormous, loving playground, that you, dear light being, find yourself reading this transmission of love and truth from YOU…for I am just an expand wholeness of the continuum of your being.

    And so, lovely, let us realize the truth the Divine Light, the implicit wholeness, the "there is no way to get it wrong-ness" of all that we have reflected upon and articulated together just now, here, today.

    And may it remind us, in our wholeness, of all that we love so very much.

    I AM

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