How to stop feeling insecure

  • On november 19th, I got back together with my ex boyfriend that i've been with for 7 months.

    He loves me a lot, and I love him too. But after our break up, he said some really hurtful things to me like. "I was only with you for the physical" and stuff.

    Even though we got back together, I am finding it really hard to trust him again. And I'm feeling very insecure and jealous. We don't have lunch or any periods together.

    He's started hanging out with another girl at lunch, and he's recently started walking home with her too. I told him I didn't like it, and he stopped for 2 days and then he started doing it again.

    And today when I was with him I asked for his cell phone and checked his messages. they've been texting each other a lot. I didn't fnd anything wrong or bad. but still, I mean.. it's just making me really paranoid. When he first got a cell phone I told him in a playful way "hey! you're not allowed to text any girls besides me" and he laughed and said, "baby why would i text any other girls besides you?"

    And today when he were hanging out, he said a whole bunch of emotional things to me. He talked about how much he loved me, and how he wants to marry me and have kids with me and he gave me an imaginary ring. and everything was SO perfect until i saw his phone.. then I got angry at him and we just went back to school. At school after he was done walking me to class, I texted him "i love you" and he replied, "but you don't trust me" and i said "it will take some time to build up that trust, not too long ago we went through a really bad stage, and our relationship is kinda rocky right now. I just need some time for things to go back to normal, but until then i just need you to listen to what makes me upset and not do those things so that after some time i can not be bothered by these things." And he replied "yeah don't text me working with clay."

    After school when i was waiting for him, one of my guy friends passed by and he hugged me, i didn't hug him back but my boyfriend came exactly at that moment. and i could tell he was really unhappy. But he didn't say much about it, when he walked me to my carpool i said "baby i'm sorry. i have no problem with you hanging out with her at lunch but texting her and walking with her after school too is a bit much. it makes me feel bad." And he just said bye and walked away..

    When I got home I texted him "Look baby i'm really sorry. tell me when you're free. I want us to sit down and talk about it in a calm and positive way. and then maybe we can agree on something that makes us both happy. okay? :)"

    and he replied, "Lol. Hypocrite. Stop texting me the volume goes up when you do..."

    And I replied, "oh wow. maybe you should talk to me when you've calmed down, because it hurts when you say hurtful things and then yell at me and ask me why i can't trust you."

    And he said "You're texting me again... stop.."

    and i said "k fine. i'll stop, bye."

    It's almost been 3 hours and he hasn't texted me. I feel like a bad person, telling him that it makes me uncomfortable when he walks home with her and texts her. i don't want to control him 😞

    but it's so hard for me not to feel insecure and jealous, and after our nasty break up i find it so hard to trust him. 😞

    Also, i watched those insightful astology videos, and she said how my personal relationship will end on wednesday and all that, and everytime i read his lovescope it's always something about someone new coming in his life and him being attracted to someone new and blah i've been really paranoid.. 😞

    Please help me.

    Also if I could get a reading it would be so awesome.. My DOB is may 27,1997

    and his DOB is Jan. 23, 1998

    (I know we are really young, but I really do love him and I want to stay with him no matter what, so please don't tell me to leave him 😞 )

    thanks so much guys, i seriously appreciate all the wonderful people that take time out of their day and help others and give advice on here. 🙂

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