Life change question........

  • I recently (this past weekend) moved. It is a new apartment, new location, and new schools for my kids. With this move (in my head and on paper) comes some financial breaks. BUT in the mean time I am drowning!!!! Can I look for these breaks to come soon, or am I in for the long haul? Will my kids ever be happy again in this new environment? Will the schools turn out to be successful places for them?

    And, while I'm at it with asking questions.....Can I look forward to having a mate soon?

  • Money will come in the short term - you won't be waiting long. The kids will settle down, make new friends, and life will be good. I don't feel you have room in your life for a mate at the moment - maybe when you are more calm and settled.

  • Thank you!!!!! I needed the reassurance badly!

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