Moon50 Please give me your insight

  • I am having a lot of trouble in my 4 year relationship. He is moving out in Dec.

    I read that you were in a similar situation a while back. I know that you know how I feel.

    Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you for your time and sharing your gift.

    I really appreciate it.

    August 5, 1951

  • I'm not sure if you need birth dates, but can't hurt.

    His May 15, 1953

    Mine August 5, 1951

  • As hard as this is, you need to let him go. I can see him wanting to come back at a later time, like mid 2013, but you will have grown so much without him, you won't want him back. And I also see you with another before then, who will be much better for you. This new relationship may move towards you around January/February, however you must not compare this new man to the one who has left you. You will hold off for a while because you will feel it's too soon, and by mid-year you will be settled with this new man, and not interested in your old flame at all.

    As for me? I'm still kicking around on my own and have given up hope frankly! I know my previous partner is not coming back, and I don't want him back anyway. I have had to work on what I actually want in a partner; have decided what that is, and now am hoping to manifest that person sooner rather than later. I am getting pretty tired of seeing everybody else with someone (and not just a partner), so have asked the Universe to send me what and who I need.

    We'll see huh?

    Anyway, I hope this reading helped you, and you have my sympathies for what you are going through. It's hard; it's a shock. But it opens the door to new growth and expansion, and that's gotta be good!

    Keep me posted 🙂



  • Thank you so much Moon50. I do know it is best to let him go and I will. He is 59 and has never been married. The term us or we is foreign to him. He only knows about what he wants. In the beginning of our relationship, he led me to believe we were exclusive. We weren't. Well, I was. He asked me to marry him New Years 2011. I didn't do that because I could never trust him. I feel he has cheated on me after our engagement too. Do you pick up on any of that?

    I hope you and I have good things and good men coming into our lives. I have always been a bit co-dependent and have to do more soul searching to try to overcome those feeling again.

    If you have anymore feelings about this, please share. I am so thankful for your help.

    All the best to you Moon50!

  • I'm only bumping to put this back on top.

  • He is a commitment-phobe, and always has been. He has taken a past hurt/betrayal and now uses it as a "cover" for his behaviour. I get an image of him casting out, then reeling in. Once he's got someone where he wants them, he backs off (casts out). This man will never settle with anyone. What you had with him was a lesson in what you really want, which is obviously not to be cast out and reeled in at will. YOu are not co-dependent, you are a giver and only a little bit needy. Someone called you co-dependent years ago, and that term stuck. Rid yourself of this persona, because it isn't you. I see you enjoying your time on your own, and not always needing someone. That is not a co-dependent person. What you are is someone who other people feed off, like this 59 year old child.

    So please, let him go. Rid yourself of this bit of deadwood in your life and give yourself a chance at being with someone who actually will appreciate you. This is what you deserve, not being the one who runs around doing all the work. And you also need to try and stop making other people's problems your own. They are responsible for themselves, not you.

    I hope this helped! It's hard when our nurturing side wants to come out and play, but when it ends up being to our detriment, it's time to cut the cord and free ourselves. I have learned this lesson, thankfully not the all-too-hard way! I'm glad I didn't agree to marry my last partner; he "proposed" out of insecurity and neediness, which is why I didn't buy into it.

    You will be just fine without this man. You will be FREE.

    Live your life. Enjoy it. Love being with yourself. And then someone who is more of an equal to you will come along. I see about six months tops.

    Good luck!



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