Readings from previous site version disappeared - Please help!!!

  • Does anyone know where to look to find my free unused readings from the pervious version of this website? I have looked everywhere and canot seem to find them. I have several free reports and readings which I have not cashed in yet. Many thanks.

  • Hi,

    I looked around in my account and haven't run into them. I was wondering if there wasn't an expiration date for those free reports/reading. I know that there was one kind that was like forever but the rest was limited one way or the other.

    I think you will have to email Tarot and find out what happened.


  • Flowsco,

    Thanks for responding. l always appreciate your comments and insights on this website and the clues you provide during the "hunts". 🙂

    Some have expiration dates while others do not, and I really want to use the one that expires at the end of this year.

    That was my next endeavor - to contact the the site directly. I'll post my findings here.

    Thanks again!

  • Found it!

    Go to "My Account", then "My Journal". There you will find them all listed so you can go back and look them over!

    I was wondering about this myself and just did some poking around my own account when I found them!

    Hope this helps!

  • Ketirasp,

    I appreciate your efforts, however, I have already looked there, a few times, and the free unused reports do not appear there. The only reports there are the ones I have already used.

    I still need to contact the site.

  • Well, I finally got an answer to my question, but I did have to call to get it because a direct answer wasn't given when I sent the email. But the guy was very helpful when we talked on the phone.

    There is no place on the new version of this site that stores your free readings. I was told that if I get a free reading, I should cash it in right away.

    However, I was also told that if I have a free reading, i.e., a tarot reading, when I go to the area for that specific type of reading (such as a tarot reading), it will show up marked free.

    I was also told that some readings contain an expiration date.

    Disappointing but good to know.

    So, if anyone else reads this, I hope it is helpful.

  • Hey TV (lol...not watching any right now),

    I am glad you got an answer. I figured that they changed up a lot with this new template.

    Now what would be great if they cleared up the "webby" way to navigate through this site.

    Thanks for taking your time to do this!

  • I left months ago and only recently returned. Though I am getting more used to the new layout (still get lost, though!) I was disappointed to learn the hard way that the sample readings are not saved to our journals. Now I have to do copy/pastes to Word. Not sure if coming back was a good idea...

  • Hi,

    Coming back to this topic.

    I just noticed that I was remembered at the top where it says welcome that I still had some free readings. These are those one that never expires. Perhaps the others will appear again.

    As for the sample readings...yep..noticed that too.

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