Hands-on readings no more??

  • hello everybody:)

    Ive been a member on Tarot.com since ~08, but just now started the forum, so I think I should still introduce myself. I am Amanda, and I love animals. I have always loved the tarot, and have been slowly learning how to do readings without looking up meanings in books, lol

    Which brings me to my question (for the admin I guess)..I have al;ways loved the hands-on spreads on this website..you know, shuffle and pick your own cards from your own deck, then choose the casrds on the computer and get your reading like that..it was helping me learn, but now in this new layout, I cannot find the hands-on bottom lines, OR full-length hands-on readings....are they no more?

    I very much preferred choosing my cards myself instead of the computer choosing them because it seemed more real and accurate when I got to shuffle and pick my cards myself..

    Thank you in advance:)

    ~Amanda )O(

  • Okay, nevermind everybody:) Just a little trickier to find now, but I found them:)

  • Hi wcnprincess,

    I don't reas or anything just off and on talking to a few mediums here, they are very kind to give their time and effort. Thought I would offer you to do a reading for practice if you wish for me. I'm having problems with my boyfriend and his ex.

    Thanks if you do a reading, its appreciated very much.


  • wcnprincess you can practice with me anything you can tell me about work, money, thank you

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