Reading Court Cards In a Tarot Spread

  • Hi, I'm new to tarot interpretation and I recently got a number of Court Cards in a spread I did for myself...

    I had asked about a friends visit.

    The cards I drew were: Love & Me - The King of Swords

    Higher Power - The King of Wands

    Foundation - The Queen of Pentacles

    The Love Situation: The Fool

    Love Challenges: The Ace of Swords

    Recent Past: The Lovers

    Near Future: The 8 of Cups

    Blocks/Inhibitions: The Hanged Man

    Significant Other: The Star

    Advice: 2 of Cups

    Long term Potential: 4 of Pentacles

    I'm confused about how the cards fit together. Is it possible for one person to be represented by more than 1 Court Card in a reading?

    I'm not familiar with the 8 of cups...what impact does it have on the cards around it?

    I'd really appreciate if someone could talk me through the reading from their point of view. Combining the cards is where I've been struggling lately.


    LittleRose xo

  • Hi littlerose,

    I think the two Kings are representing the man in question. The Queen of Pentacles in foundation with The Fool as situation and Ace of Swords as Challenges suggests that you may need to ground yourself a bit and engage your head with your heart. The 8 of Cups and 2 of Cups tell me that there is one person doing all of the giving in this situation and a balance of give and take is required -- if the other person does not step up to the plate to even things out, then the other must exercise enough self-respect to walk away. Boundaries!!!

    Hope this helps a bit,


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