Moon50 your insights please!

  • Hi Moon50,

    Are you able to give me any new insights regarding this situation you helped me with a few months ago: ?

    Thank you,


  • The only new insight I can come up with here is that you should consider a reconciliation. Both of you need to leave ego behind and let your hearts lead. Forgive, forget. Get on with it 🙂

    That's the best I can come up with!



  • Thanks. Over the past few months he tried to reach out to me four times in an indirect way through social networks, such as a public (I deleted him from my contacts) post of a certain song on facebook and looking at my linkedin profile (you can see who views your profile), but really I was hoping for more direct contact. It just didn’t feel right. But I thought to myself, “If he reaches out like this again, I will respond,” but he never did. Now I have heard that he might be moving to…CHINA!!...for work. That is why I wonder if there is any hope. I miss him and want a reconciliation, but wonder if he still misses me too.


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