Soul Transitions Vibe Report November 2012

  • a message from Nancy Leilah Ward

    Expect Miracles


    We are in the swirling energies of shift and change… days of miracle and wonder. I send out strength and courage and inner peace to all those whose worlds are being rocked at this time. We are in a time of acceleration and almost instantaneous manifestation. Turning our thoughts and feelings to appreciation for the small miracles and love in our lives helps us to navigate the waters of change.

    Daily Drawings 10-30-2012

    My family was impacted by Hurricane Sandy that hit the east coast of the United States. No one was hurt, but their homes were severely damaged and in the midst of that we are all grateful that they still have their homes, although the cleanup will be ongoing for quite some time. In the process of holding them with love, and sending peace and radiance to them, I was shown a way to send energy to situations and people to enhance the vibration of love, no matter what the circumstances. I will be creating a 15 minute visualization meditation of this energy tool, which will be available on my website.

    Acts of Kindness

    In the midst of the shake-up from this super storm, there are many beautiful stories of people helping one another. People in communities from all around the heavily impacted areas have been collecting donations of cleaning supplies, clothing and food for those whose homes were rendered unliveable, and driving into neighborhoods that were destroyed, distributing these gifts. They also have been offering their physical labor in helping people remove debris from homes. This is what humanity is all about – cooperation, caring and compassion, not competition and me-first survivalism. We are so much stronger when we stand together.


    Extreme earth changes are rebalancing the energies of Earth and humanity. In witnessing recent events I kept feeling that the experiencers of these events are being cracked wide open. They have been able to draw upon inner strength that they never knew they had. Many have expressed a new appreciation for the basic things of life. And many have received unexpected gifts and assistance.

    How we rise up and stand in the midst of extreme circumstances is always a choice, for we are not victims of anything, we are experiencers of life. I see with my inner sight,

    something dense being cracked open by extreme pressure, and light pouring into places it was unable to reach before. The very high vibrational energies that are being received on Earth have been opening us up and will continue to do so. We need to be open so we can hold and vibrate at higher energetic frequencies. We can enhance this experience by consciously bringing ourselves into the feeling of love. So that we are in love, be-ing love.

    The Illumination we are all undergoing can bring joy and fear, regret, self acceptance, judgment, love, inner strength… And whatever we’ve been hiding from is being exposed. It is an opportunity to let go into acceptance of our glorious selves, the shadow and the light of our being.

    Cracked Open, Daily Drawings 11-15-12

    If you feel discouraged – if you feel there’s no hope for the future of humanity, do some investigation on new breakthroughs in free energy – the work of Nicola Tesla is coming alive again and will no longer be supressed. There are alternative energy sources that reach into the future to help us live in a very different way on this planet, breaking the chains of fossil fuel dependency. There are also brave investigators that are exploring the mysteries of past civilizations that hold information of the origin of the Human race. In the bigger picture, what has been kept hidden from Humanity is coming into the light and being revealed at this time, thanks to the research and questioning of many intrepid scholars and scientists who are thinking outside of the box of conventionality.

    The Light of conscious awakening is growing within all of humanity. As the structures of the past that were built on fear are collapsing, the truth is coming forward within this light of higher consciousness, this energy, this acceleration that is assisting us on our evolutionary path as Human Beings.

    So, when things look bleak, turn your attention towards hopeful possibilities.There is so much interesting and inspiring information in the world. Many people are researching and creating ways to live on this planet that bring freedom on every level of our lives – just do an Internet search on Free Energy to feel hope for our future.

    My latest buzz is from the work of Carmen Boulter who talks about greater possibilities regarding ancient Egypt – interesting theories that go way beyond traditional Egyptology. Check out her video documentary series “The Pyramid Code.”

    And then there’s Michael Tellinger, who speaks about interesting possibilities of the origin of Humanity as he talks about ancient stone ruins in South Africa at “Adam’s Calendar.” And he is a firm believer that we as a human race can live without money. He is currently taking on the fraudulent “Banksters” and banking system in South Africa. He has also started a new political party in South Africa called Ubuntu “Ubuntu” is a philosophy of cooperation. I came across this beautiful description on Wikipedia: “I am what I am because of who we all are.” Wow. Check out Michael Tellinger here:

    The film “Thrive” by Foster Gamble offers insights for where we as a group consciousness can decide to go at this crossroads we’re at on planet Earth.

    These are just a few of so many inspiring co-creators in the world. Explore possibilities and expect miracles. The more we focus on new, amazing possibilities, the more we can create a world of cooperation, inspiration and peace.

    The link to the Vibe Report video is below. I did this video a week ago, but had some technical difficulties in posting it. Interesting to observe my frustration with technology… and then to find out it was really an easy fix! But also, it is all about Divine Timing.

    Blessings, I wish you well, and keep shining!

    Nancy Leilah Ward

    from: Spirit Library.

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