The Tarot as a learning tool

  • Hey group. I am sorta taking a break from the readings as I am seeing that a lot of that is a waste of time.

    A 'reading' isn't going to help you in your life, knowing the outcome of life is not the point. You will go forever in circles (much to the delight of the fortune tellers who are making $$ off of what is simply a learning tool). I know there are some kind hearted readers here, and I have tried to help to in that way also. However, we all change in our ideas about life, and so I am simply trying to be honest.

    The point of the tarot (or any deck of cards really) is to show us that life is a sequence of events, [F(x)] where F = a frame state of life (where you are or where you want to be). And 'x is some increment of that frame over the sequence.

    Here is an equation to consider:

    C = Δ M

    Where C equals your consciousness and M is mass (physical matter) change over the sequence (Δ). This is a theory, however what is trying to be stated here is that at some interval [F(x+1)] your desired sequence comes into the queue.

    And you have your dream.

    This is why I kept telling you to KEEP LOVING THE PERSON you felt something for. Love (which is a feeling and nothing more) is the point, not "what is he thinking, and what is his other girlfriend up to" and such... that is a total waste of time. You need to UNDERSTAND HOW LIFE WORKS to experience your desires coming to pass. Because the future is not in any way pre-detemined. It is a products of intent (i) and nothing else.

    So the point of the Tarot is to simply help understand life as a sequence of Framestates. And not as a some relentless, immovable construct that you can't change. You can change anything, live anything. Your "guy" can come back if that is what you really want? Get a job, easy. Step into the most amazing life of your dreams? Easy. Intent(i) centered on ONE Framestate. Coming in. And then you are home free and you can then dispense with tools such as these, like the toys they are.

    Anyway, if anyone wants "readings" about life while I am off on another planet, try the Captain, or Shaubby or TarotNick or any of the other readers. I can save you some time though. Life becomes whatever you want it to. Has nothing to do with other people either.

    Bottom line. Life is MATH.

    Blessings to all.

    Your pal, astra

    P.S. I know... but astra.., can you just take a peek... what is he REALLY feeling for me? Haha... I dunno what he is feeling. I don't know what I am feeling either besides being kinda fed up with the Tarot....

  • AstraAngel, Sorry you are feeling what I perceive as burnt out. Giving of yourself& time must be difficult & tiresome. I don't have reading or sight abilities but am empathetic to your feelings.

    I would like to thank you for the readings you hsve done for me regarding the sale of my house and

    a new man entering my life. My house wemt under agreement in the time frame you suggested & I'm busy with moving plans.. Found a small lake home of my dreams. A new man is soon to enter my life- just feel it. Any way, your readings helped keep the flame of hope burning& a the kick in the butt I needed to forge ahead & not fold when it got tough.I know its up to me to get out & be with people in order to meet a new man & Tarot can't do it for me, but it has helped me kerp it positive.

    I agree that it is truly up to each of us to run our own race in life & Tarot cant micro manage life for

    us. Its meant as a guide of sorts but free will is always there

    Know your gift is appreciated by those who have come to you for readings

    I wish you peace, laughter & love......... Be well & come & visit us here perhaps like me as a participant


  • I also want to thank you, Astra for all your readings, especially about one boy! I have troubles with him sometimes, but i always bring to memory your reading and it feels better)

  • Hi Astra,

    Sorry to hear this. I guess it really is time to take your road trip.

    I always got a sense through you, that the readings are as much of what could happen, as they are a reflection of what you need to know to stir up whatever reaction or action. To that end, I remember many times when I went and did just the opposite of what I'd been told (lol).

    You've done so much for me, encouraged me to love, to dream, to follow my dreams. And I can't thank you enough. More than your readings, thank you for being a friend. For making me feel that I'm not the only dreamer here. I do hope to still see you here some time. And to see you smiling (well through your writing at least). But do take time for yourself now. All the best 🙂 HUGS!

  • Hi Astra,

    I'm sorry to hear that you'll be taking a break from the forums. You're certainly one of the most talented readers I have been able to find online, and you've been a huge inspiration to me to learn more and apply myself to reading the cards (and not just my cartomancy readings either). It is truly admirable that you tried to give readings to anyone who asked.

    Thank you for the readings you did for me; they were very helpful and I am keeping an eye out for a lot of the events you foretold!

    Love and light,


  • Hey Astra

    Sorry to hear you are feeling down . I totally agree tarot is a learning tool i have been learning it for 8 years but i strongly feel that no one is truly interested in it except for a handful of readers on this site that take it seriously . Thankyou for all the help you have given me I hope you enjoy your well deserved break

    Love and hugs Loap)

  • Hello, Dear Astra! Bright blessings to you in your journey, all things change and transmute, huh? and there are always many means of divination to us...heck just open a book and look for an answer and it can be there.

    You had been in/on my mind and I am glad I saw you here. You have helped many of the posters here and I hope they all send you blessings....

    This is a hard time of the year for some, so just know you are not alone and the sun will shine and bird will sing and all will be well at some point.

    Hope you continue to indulge your creativity and non mathmatical thinking, and that miracles do happen for you - and you're right. Love is all that matters.

    Magical journeys my friend!


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