Could someone please do a reading?About job interview with a foreign person.

  • Hello! I will very much appreciate your help!

    One acquaintance from company where i want to work sent my CV to one man and he now wants to speak to me, and i need to contact him( i don't know per telephone or may be it means the meeting).

    My problem is that he is a foreign person and i will have to speak with him in his language! I am a little bit not so sure in my knowledge and it will be very hard for me to talk over the phone. (Probably the meeting in person would be better to me, but i don't know how this man wants to communicate)

    Please, could you tell me, how will the interview go, what to except ? Thank you.will he be strict?

    He is A.

  • Weren't your contact details on your CV? He can use that information to contact you.

  • TheCaptain, thank you for reply!

    They were, and i though also that he would contact me (even through hr or secretary). Maybe he asked so just to be sure that i still have interest.

    I have a gap on my CV, probably he wanted first to ask over the phone about reasons.

  • i will ask him when he is able to meet, i hope that it wouldn't be so rude.

  • No he expects that sort of definite thing in business.

  • TheCaptain, i sent him an e-mail, where i asked when he could meet, it was yesterday and i still got no reply for him. Do you think it is ok to wait for his response ? Well i know probably the best solution is to call , but i am so afraid to do it. And i just hope that he would write me.

  • You must wait for a response to your email. If a week passes with no reoly, then call the man.

  • Thank you! I will wait.

    TheCaptain, but how do you think (if it is possible) did he read or notice my e-mail?

  • TheCaptain, i tried to call him at the end of November, but he was at the meeting, and i asked his assistant to tell that i called. She took my phone number . I waited for some days and called again, and she told me that he took one day off (so she was unable to tell him about me) but that as soon as he appears she will tell him and phone me. And now about 10 days passed since this last conversation.

    Why so much troubles? Just don't know what to do. Do i Need to call again and bother people or maybe i need to wait? I think this man already forgot about me...... (and i aslo sent him another e-mail at the beginning of December and no answer).

  • This is a lost cause - move on and don't waste your time with this guy.

  • Just can't understand such people, they ask to contact them and then do not answer (

    The problem is that my sister now (it was she who asked the acquaintance to help me) demands that i should call him again and again. But i think also it will not help (

    TheCaptain, may i ask you please, do you feel that the assistant told him that i called?

  • Yes the assistant passed on your message. The man feels like your sister backed him into a corner and is trying to get out of his obligation.

  • Thank you, TheCaptain!

    I messed up a little bit, i meant it was my sister (she doesn't know this man) who asked a woman who works in this company to show my Cv, and it was shown to this man. This woman then wrote me that he wants to talk to me.

    Anyway, he is reluctant to help as i see. Strange man he is.

  • TheCaptain! Hello, may i ask you again please!

    My friend told me about job vacancy of teacher. And she told about me to her boss(woman). I decided to try and sent this boss a resume. And she will call me, but i am as usually afraid, because this is foreign language teaching and i am afraid she will want to check my language speaking skills, but i am not so good at this i think. Do you think i have a chance of getting this job or this woman will dislike me?

  • Yes you have a chance but why not try to brush up a bit on whatever language you will need. Then you will feel more confident.

  • TheCaptain, thank you very much! And your advice is good as always) I just thought that i don't have much time to prepare myself.

  • Every little bit you can do will help.

  • Thank you:)

  • Dear TheCaptain, hello!

    I had an interview, made some mistakes in tests, but the preparation for it helped me. She told me that she will call in December (middle of it). I also saw there another candidate. But the problem is that when she asked me, whether i want to be a teacher, i told that i want this job as temporary. Maybe it was wrong to say, but i didn't want to lie.

    And i knew about this vacancy from a friend, she told me that she needs someone to work instead of her for the second study term, so i thought it was ok to speak about temporariness of the job.

    What do you think? The time till middle of December is too much to make a decision, maybe it was a polite no?

  • It's a mistake to tell any interviewer that you only view the position they are offering as temporary. It makes them see you as flighty and unreliable. Who knows - if you had liked the job, you might stay on.

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