How to make an aquarius regret leaving you.

  • the title says it all..

    I've been going through enough crap with this guy for months, and november in particular, he made my life hell. I gave him everything he wanted and he left me. told me he was only with me for the "physical" and blah blah..

    If you're a woman.. then you would know how devestating it would be to hear that from the man you loved with your whole heart..

    I already know karma is a b*tch

    But I'm not gonna sit around and wait for him to feel as horrible as I do.

    I want him to feel horrible, i want him to come back begging to me, and i want him to regret everything he did.

    Please give me advice.

  • Hi Cottontail

    You dont want him to feel horrible, etc. cause you will end up again with that kind of problem with another guy. Same kind of negativity will bounced back to you. It was not meant to be and learn from that experience. Just be glad that ASSHOLE is out of your life. If you want I know of a gemstone that will help you. Its up to you. RHODONITE (with brown & black spots) -emotional balancer especially love. Emotional healing, clears away festering resentment & anger & helps find forgiveness. It builds up confidence & love.Plus it will bring in positive energy for you so you will meet a nice guy once again.

    Just one stone to wear as a necklace in this kind of situation. This is a healing stone. It doesnot have to be expensive. Try to find a cheap one if you can. A raw one is OK and make it into a pendant.

    Rose quartz does that too but I think Rohodonite is much better for your situation cause you are full of anger. If you find a Rhodonite stone feel it first and see how you feel.

    Be angry now call him all kinds of names and let it all out then get it over with out of your space

    and you will be glad he is out of your life.


  • I feel your pain& anger, i've walked in your footsteps.

    as difficult as it is right now I encourage you to let go.

    I ask myself this & ask you why do you wamt to be with

    someone who does not love you? I'm sure you could get him back but he will

    leave you.... Just not emotionally available.

    So hard cuz fun to be with


  • Hi Cottontail,

    I had an Aquarius man for for a boyfriend for 2 yrs. It was great at first but then he met a woman at his work. He left me for her. He said he didn't love me anymore, he became very detached, and then he just waited until I got so discouraged that I packed up and left him. A full year later, he called me at work and asked me to meet him for lunch. I didn't want to go because just like you are, I was deeply in love and he had broken my heart. We met at lunch and he said he regretted ever leaving me for her and that I was his soul-mate. He wanted to get back together and he said he wanted me to be the mother of his future children. Basically, he proposed. I declined and told him he blew it with me and I didn't love him anymore. He ended up getting married to this other woman. They've been married for 12 yrs and although she seems happy with the marriage, he's miserable and has cheated on her behind her back from what a mutual friend told me.

    The moral to this is, leave the guy behind Cottontail. I know it hurts super bad right now. But in his own time, he'll resent losing you all on his own. Aqua men have that "grass is always greener" thing going on in their heads. They never know what they had until its completely gone. My advice is to totally disappear out of his life, no contact at all. Instead, work on you and your own happiness. Making yourself a better person is much more rewarding then gaining emotional revenge. Be happy in your life and somewhere down the road, he'll notice you're happier without him and regret losing you. Besides, your Aqua man has already admitted to "using" you for s e x so don't be his door mat anymore. When men admit they don't love you, they really mean it.


  • thank you all for your comments. 😞

    As soon as I stopped talking to him completely, and ignoring him, he started apologizing and cying and begging for me to take him back. Apparently after i broke up with him he was butt hurt, and angry as hell so at that time he didn't feel like he loved me at all.

    Now he's saying he has calmed down, and has realized how much he loves me.. and of course I felt horrible seeing him cry like that, so i agreed to giving him another chance.

    But today after school, since I carpool, he waits for me til the car comes. today, he didn't wait and I asked him why, and all of a sudden he yelled "GRACE!" And some asian girl turned around. And he told me he was going to walk with her today and stuff. then I said alright, and i asked him for a hug. He hugged me awkwardly and left with her.

    I felt jealous, even though she wasn't in the least bit attractive (im sorry i sound so mean)

    But she was really nerdy looking huge classes, super short hair, pimples, and everything.

    Awhile ago I remember him telling me she leaves 3 houses down from him, i can't help feeling really insecure. I don't want to mess anything up this time because i truely love him, and i want to make things work. But everyday whenever I'm reading his lovescope on this website, it's always talking about how there's going to be someone "new" in his life that will challenge his "mind" and "heart" and how this "new presence" will "propel" him into another relationship "too soon"

    He texted me later in the evening apologizing, "Sorry I'm so embarrased, I told her I'd walk with her but then I forgot and made her wait for so long. Sorry baby, I should've walked with you..."

    I told him it was alright then asked him if he's going to start walking with her from now on, it's been 3 hours and he hasn't replied to my text.

    I'm paranoid as hell, because we NEVER get to spend any time together. We don't have even one class together, or the same lunch period. And I can't keep skipping classes everyday just to be with him. and we can't make any plans together because of my over protective,strict parents that aren't even allowing me to have a boyfriend in the first place.

    And, vgo77, we never had s e x. 😛 we just made out a lot, and he'd "touch" me in "places"

    Usually we talk on MSN or we text, but ever since high school started he hasn't even been making enough time for me for that. Even though he says he loves me and all, i just don't know why my heart isn't ready to accept it. What can I do to start trusting him more? I feel like maybe he is trying to get back at me for all the times guys would flirt with me(play with my hair, tickle me,etc) and...well. I'd tell them to stop, but never sternly. And it caused a lot of problems for us, because he would always get jealous and insecure and he'd take out all his anger on me.

    Of course I regret not being stern about it now, and that's why I haven't done anything that I know will bother him or make him feel "jealous"

    But now I've started to feel that way too.. and I just want to learn how to control it before it gets the best of me and ruins everything I have with him. please help?

  • I would try the non-contact rule..... don't contact him for 3 weeks in any way shape or form, then after 3 weeks drop him a friendly light-hearted email/text/letter (whatever you do) and suggest meeting up for a coffee or something. Don't make it sound like you are asking him out on a date just something like, do you fancy grabbing a coffee sometime?

  • This seems to be the nature of all the Aquarians I've come in contact with and the last one I

    dated. They always come back, and blame you for the reason why they left rather than owning up to being immature, selfish prats.

  • Cateyes,

    I find it interesting that you say aquarians always come back. i have been dating one too. he broke up with me last summer. then called after 6 weeks but just to have a drink, not to get back together. Still he cried at that meeting, telling me how hard it was to break up with me. "When I realized I loved you I knew i had to let you go!" What kind of crazy thinking is that. Eventually he starting pursuing me again and we got back together. Last month, same thing. Broke up again. Waht the h**l? Said he loves me but just can't take the next step to more commitment. I wasn't even asking for that. We sagies love our space so I was okay for the time being. Everyone says I will hear from him again. I don't think so really but who knows. Even so, why would I want to see him when he cannot be trusted to stick around.

    have you had other experiences with aquarians? he is the first I have ever dated. TONS of fun but not reliable in a relationship.

  • I had an aquarius guy, who came by but I kept rejecting him because of his tricky nature. After 1 year of disturbance, I had to give him a chance thinking he was really serious. We never had sex but we played like touches and romance. One day I discovered he normally throw away my gifts, not appreciative, cheats with other ladies and started being detached.He always say hurtful things to piss me off.... With pains, I told him I would stop caring about him and also I trickishly told him that someone is asking me out, not really but just to find out if he loves me...But then, He told me to go ahead with the person and he said that I will never find some one like him ....Ever since then I left, no calls, no text or chats. But he calls once in a while..please! Do you think he loves me? Did I throw him off balance? What would he be thinking in his mind? Pls help cos the last time he called I was so hostile towards him on phone then he discovered am hurt.. Has he moved on? Please help

  • Hi Cottontail,
    I can feels it, how miserable we are.
    I experienced with Aqua man too. He was my first love after all. Our first met is a little joke somehow but i can feel this connection very strong.
    I am asian and I really love traveling, I registered in one app last 2 years , those app is focus on exchange the culture and teach the language together. I plan to go to China, so i meet one partner language exchange for help me. After a month getting know each other we fall in love. At first, I didn’t count it so seriously since we do LDR and we never met each other beside the video chat. But On our 100th days we in relationship, he decided to fly to me, we met! I still remember how excited we are. He keep crying over me, begging me to not leave him when he drunk. A week passed by, we gotta separate. He flies back home and we promise to meet each other every special occasion and holiday. I met and know all of his friends and family. We plan celebrating our anniversary together at phillipin and we even book our flight together. 10 months past, i feel deeply bond into this relationship. Nothing changed, he still warm, gentle and be with me all the time, until one day suddenly his behavior change like 360 degree. Last night he just told me how much he loved me but then today he suddenly deleted all of our pictures! And he completely want to cut me out! I am so anxiety! He keep blame on me, i push him too much! He got tired! I never care him! Even a little things i never noticed before! I found out those reason of break up so Ridiculous. I cried over him, he saw it, still he used many harsh word and don’t give me any blink! We break up too fast, almost I cannot accept it. A few days later, he contacted me, but asked me to be his friend! However, we not keep in touch every single day like before but he totally still give me a bit hope. He give me a call during a night when he drunk, he asked me not to leave, he gave me many hope, many drama. Until a week later i catch him that he cheated on me, even before we break up. I tried to give him a chance tho but then after a month of suffer, he admitted that he truly cheat. And I decided to cut out our connection, no more hold on anymore.

    Half month later, he contacted me again, he told me ‘he broke up with her, and everything i said was right’. I ignored his text. He keep bring out conversation every day, drunk text, cry voice, sorry word , many many things. I decided to respond him back hopefully he could be know his fault and make a change, but what he did just hurt me over again and again. He come just for telling me he love her so much! He cried over her and feel so devastated!!! I am so pissed off and painful at the same time, cause i just learn that, that girl he just know a few days before he decided to cheat on me, they never meet each other and she is a white girl. It painful, but at least i learned he just keep me to be his options, aqua man never getting enough. They just like a kid crying over more candy, whenever they crossed the candy shop. Single candy never give him enough satisfying.

  • Do you want to know about an Aquarius man or Aquarius woman? This sign will be totally different for each gender. Men are rarely reliable, they are like butterflies. And women are different, they are very faithful in the relationships. But when they decide to leave, they leave without regret. I read some statistics about population of Seattle. And Aquarius males are in the top of divorced partners.

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