Is my car jinxed :(

  • I bought my car 5 months ago since then it has broken down on me 3 times and been sent back to Ford first they thought it was the battery so they replaced it with a new one , then the same thing happend again a week later this time it was the fuel pump so they replaced it as well . The third time the car broke down it was the worst the clip that holds the fuel line in place came loose and there was petrol leaking everywhere , this was very dangerous , mechanically and i have been in dispute with ford regading compensation and they have come to the party .Now all is now well on the mechanical front . I went away on a trip recently and the car got hit by a kangaroo which caused thousands of dollars worth of damage so it was in the panel shop for over a week ,i have not had it back long ,when on friday someone reversed into me out of a car park on the other side from where the damage was from the roo, the damage is in the thousands again . I now have put crystals and rosary beads in the car as i am starting to think it cursed or something as i have had so much bad luck with it .I was wondering can anyone do a reading to see there is any bad energy from the past owner maybe that is still attached to the car ?

    Many thanks i advance Loap:)

  • Dear LivingonaPrayer

    Sorry to hear about your car. have you tried smudging it? Maybe with sage or incense sticks with an intention put in to remove any previous vibes. You could follow it with a reiki protection symbol or just visualize white or blue light protecting it.

    Perhaps things will improve after the mercury retrograde is over on 27th?

    Wish you luck!

  • Thankyou for your help Suramya no i havent smudged it but i have envisualized it surrounded in a white bubble of light to which nothing can penetrate . The 27th that seems like ages away . i thought it already finished .

  • Loap, This car could have a movie made about it. I know it's not funny but I kinda envisioned a comedy car. Could you return it for something else. I've never had luck w/Ford. I drive a Kia and love it.

  • Loap, I wonder if a younger person owned it before you.

  • Hi Dal ,

    Im not sure if the previous owner was younger than me but it was a man . I tried my hardest to return it but because i bought it seccond hand i was unable to . I pray this last accident is an end to it all . If you have time can you do a reading for me regarding this situation ? I would really appreaciate it .

    Love LOap:)

  • Yes.

  • Thanks Dal ,

    Today i bought 3 medalllions for the car , St Christoper , St Jude , Guardian Angel and St Rita as that is my Mums name . I am still collecting more as you can never have enough lol .I have also feel agitated when driving it amd my husband has as well when there was nothing prior to cause us to feel this way . I am now wondering should i get a priest to come and bless it .?

  • Sorry 4 not 3 lol

  • I got a strong feeling you should put a salt circle around it every night...whenever it's parked to "clear" and bless it. I did this once when someone had threatened me and the car was fine.

    And thoroughly wash it and maybe mist it with holy water while surrounding with white light, and say out loud when you get into it - I am intending protection and safe passage.

    Still hope you can somehow return it, that all sounds awful to go through. And I absolutely hate it when strangers have been all in my car, like from the repair shop. But the accidents were really odd, too.

    Hope this helps!

  • Thanks Jilna i will give it ago .

  • Loap, Will try and have a reading up by tomorrow. This car is what you'd call a hot mess. It'll be interesting what the reading point to.

  • Thanks Jilna ,

    Is there any particular salt that you should use ?

  • Thanks Dal

    I added 2 more saints to the pack St Anthony and St Mary Mckillop . I drove it today a freind and i went shopping and it was a very peaceful drive it felt as if the energy is shifting the car and i felt more at peace .

  • This takes so much salt I just used table salt - I have done my yard before too. I'm glad to hear the drive was good today and remember to set your intention when you get in for safe passage....sounds like you'll have lots of angels riding along with you. smile....

    The circle was more to protect the car from bad energies, so to clear it I'd make a circle and burn a small white candle, like a votive inside of it. Or wash it with salt water (clearing) but you'd have to be sure to rinse it well as it's hard on the paint.

    I think intention is the big thing and you've obviously made things will line up and respond - the reading should be interesting.

    Good luck and good wishes!

  • burn a candle inside the circle, like on the pavement, not the car - lol!

  • Loap, I did a reading and will post it tonite. It's showing that you were the one who bought this car. Was it to help w/work or career in some way. I'll post the rest later.

  • Jilna

    Thanksfor the tips I will try everything to ward off evil i bought an evil eye today from a turkish shop and have hung it over my review mirror .

    Dal ,

    I bought the car just for everyday use not specifically for career related purposes but how i would love to have a career lol i am looking for work at the moment.

    Love Loap:)

  • Hi LivingonaPrayer

    Open all the windows, trunk ,compartment and the hood and smoke it with sage in a clockwise way and let the sun shine in it. Do it 3x. Smoke then wait until the smoke is gone and then do it again. Then wait till smoke is gone and do it the last time.Leave them open for a short while. The longest you can. Do it when the sun is out so the sun can shine in it with the trunk and hood open. I said open all cause we want all those bad energys to go away.Everything has to be smoked out. Be careful when you do it you dont want to have some burns around. See if that will helps too.

  • LOAP, I've been trying to do readings mixed w/automatic thoughts (writing,) Run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch me relates to this car. That's the energy that's surrounding it. At the present, you don't want to catch it, you want to run away from it!! LOL!! Also, some things happen for a reason is what I'm getting. Did someone else want you to get a different car or perhaps a new car. This car is what you could afford. I believe your husband looks out after you but is distant emotionally. I'm getting...she really picked a good one. You'll be more selective in future, make different choices. This car was an attempt to branch-out on your own. Is there something about your driving that's not safe. This car is actually warning you to avoid certain things--can you relate. It's purpose in some way is avoidance of something. Sorta like--this is what can happen. Use this car for errands and not major driving is what I'm getting. Maybe that's what you plan anyway. 3 of coins in challenges I see as this car dealer not letting you return it. You're seeing first hand how people, things work. I drew the empress as outcome. This was a hard reading for me. I can tell you that I had to rely on my auto thoughts some to do this one. 6 of wands in friends--can you relate. Perhaps this car will be a tool for you in securing something better. A stepping stone perhaps. I want to say that all is not lost.


    above--8 of cups

    present--page of swords--you wanting the truth

    below--king of cups--husband

    situation--king of swords--lack of info on this car

    past--7 of wands

    challenges--3 of coins

    future--4 of cups


    friends--6 of wands

    advice--5 of coins--have you been out money on this or is it just the struggle involved

    outcome--empress--Im predicting a better outcome

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