Tarot Nick could you help me?

  • Hello, you may not know me but iv been on this site for awhile now. anyway, i would appreciate a reading if you could. or maybe 2 if possible. or if you can nswer my questions in one reading. Im currently in home health care, where i take care of clients in their homes. iv been working at my current agency for a few months now, well one of my clients is switching to another agency. so now im going to be short over 20 hours a week for work! unless my agency can find me someone asap. Im in the middle of a financial crisis as it it and i cant afford to lose hours right now. every day i dont have 8 hours will get me deeper in financial trouble. My question is this 1.) why did my client switch agencies? it doesnt seem to make sense, was there something wrong? was he unhappy with me caring for him? there is no reason for him to change aides unless there was a problem. my 2nd question is i want to know the future prospects are for the company im currently working for, will i lose my job, will i get a replacement client,etc... this is not my career just a job til i finish veterinary technician school

  • Hi vettech78,

    I will gladly do a reading for you but my strength in readings is picking up on your emotions. Understanding why you are feeling a certain way helps make the choices you make. Those choices are what lead you to where you are. I wouldn't read other people without their approval but it really comes down to you in the end because you affect your choice. Let me know if you still want a reading....it's not going to be yes he did this...it's going to be you are feeling this which you will understand from a different perspective.


  • im sorry i wasnt clear that i was giving you permission to do a reading on me in that 1st post to you. im not asking you to do a reading for someone else just why they did what they did, cause its only through a reading i will ever know, cause im not comfortable asking him. when i do my own readings i usually write down questions such as How does so so feel about me? why did she/he do that? whats going to happen, etcc and then i let the tarot cards in that position answer the question. im not sure if you do your readings in a similar way, but i appreciate any help you can offer.

  • Hi vettech78,

    My readings come out a little different than other people, I'll focus on you and I will pick up on feelings and emotions. It gives a look of what is going on so you can see if from a different perspective, that helps make choices you make...hopefully a little easier.

    It seems right now money is ok... you are handling things

    there is tension and indecision

    you also feel things are blowing up

    you also have something else going on besides the questions you asked above...who is the younger guy... he is not helping matters... he is going to add to your tension

    Someone recently gave you good advise...listen to what was said

    Different guy pops up...he likes learning..calmer and nicer...

    is your social calendar full....another guy...full of energy slightly older that the last one...can be nice, but also can act rashly... this one is in near future...

    not being able to make a decision is really bugging you...slow down and plan it out...

    your running into someone who is looking out for themselves... not for your benefit you going to think it is unfair....feels like a friend....

    watch your money someone is working against you... I get the feeling of things being tight...

    you’re going to go thru some stuff... batten down the hatches, but there will come a time where you will be able to breath and get thru it...all the buildup of anxiety will be released and it will open up a change.

    ok it better to be fore warned then not know it’s coming. How you handle it will make things easier or harder. Knowing you are upset, you need to breath and clear your head, you can't be indecisive... Plan things out the best you can and take one problem at a time. Know you will get thru this problem....you may not be able to avoid the bumps...but you will get thru it

    Hope that helps,


  • thank you for your input, im a little cloudy on the people you are refering to. well here is my back story. right now im living with my boyfriend and his best friend in an apartment/multi family house. money is extremely tight right now. i have alot of debts( car insurance/phone in my moms name but i give her the money. i owe her alot of backpay and current payments. im in home care and have been working 60 hours last 2weeks but i just lost 2 of the clients i had. so now im waiting on my employer to give me new clients. as it stands this week i only have 1client for a few hours a day. my boyfiend and his friend are team truck drivers but their boss has been trying to rip them off. they wanted leave the company but he threatening not to pay them for a load that just did. they decided they need to stay with this company for now cause we are so behind in bills, the landlord is starting to lose his patience! i have fines from an issue i had last year and i have to pay them asap here or i could be in deep trouble, but every penny im making right now needs to go to survival. so who is this person who seems to be an issue? the only person younger would be my boyfriends buddy(roommate) but he is a good guy. my car is broken down right now and im using his car to get to work, so it helps greatly. My boyfriend is so stressed and upset that he isnt bringing in enough $, I ican tell he feels bad about it.

  • hi vettech78,

    I don't get names just feelings and or emotions, whomever the younger guy is I didn't get a great feeling... it was a selfish feeling, but the cards pulled were to warn you. So keep an eye open. As of right now the feeling was you had things in control, but if you feel if things are tough now...it felt like things to get a little tougher...partly because of influences of another or others. So if possible plan for something coming your way or just be aware of it so you can handle it better. You will get thru it and whatever change happens you will grow from it.

  • thank-you for your input. could u possibly do a relationship reading for me? me and my boyfriend have been together for about 2 years now. we live in an apartment together, money is very tight right now. he is an over the road trucker but is having issues with an unfair boss. my mom and him had a falling out, now she doesnt like him. i love him with all my heart, and im curious as to where things are headed. so far we have made it thru some rough times, and i would like to get a glimpse of our future together.

  • vettech78,

    you had a few guys pop up in your reading, please look it over. The cards that came up are important for you to understand. I am better at feelings and emotions, these I pick up from you. This is my strength and not doing relationship or yes and no type of readings.

    You have a few things on your plate, so I would look at those first. Try and figure who the two warnings are and what advise was given. Figuring that out will help you get thru and In a month from the reading I will gladly do another one for you. By then some of the cards will have played out and if your relationship is on your mind it will come out in the reading.



  • thank-you for your advice. as for the warnings and advice, i dont have a clue what they could be in regards to. is there anything you could ask the tarot to help shed a little light.

  • Hi vettech78,

    I do hear you and I hear your concern, you know a but is coming. (at this point your supposed to smile) Let's try and work on figuring out how to take the warnings or possible outcomes and see how best to handle them. First question do you know yourself and trust your feelings? so why are you feeling

    "there is tension and indecision

    you also feel things are blowing up"

    If you start there that will start breaking down what is going on.

    Then you need to figure out who is around you... they have some influence on how you react or something you are reacting too. This one is harder because you have to look outside your feelings. Take a good look and when you do detach yourself and just look at details. You may or may not want to see, don't just close your eyes and it will go away. No one can give you an answer but yourself on this.

    Then you have the warnings that a bumpy ride is coming but you will get thru it. again no one can tell you exactly what is going to happen... but that is life and the stronger you make yourself the more things you go thru the tougher you get...the key is to look and learn what you have done good and bad and what you can do to make things better.

    that is a lot to chew on, and it won't come tomorrow but each step you take is a lesson... trick is not just take it in and spit it out, chew on it, learn what there is to learn....look for the deeper lesson.

    Think on it


  • the only tension/indecision there is right now would be finances. my boyfriend had mention the idea of him moving in with his mo.m so he can save money for the future. money is extremely tight right now and we are all stressed out. but we havnt received any advice.

  • i have only man in my life(my boyfriend). we have a roommate which is his best friend. so this reading is giving me more questions then answers ughh lol 🙂

  • It can be frustrating... the other two guys mentioned don't have to be romantically involved... the second one just felt like a friend... just that they show up and are around. Just keep your eyes open, things will happen as they will. It really comes down to choices, how do you make the best choice for the given situation.

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