Please help me with this reading Blmoon?

  • Dear Blmoon,

    Thank you ever so much for your previous readings. 🙂 Today, however, I'm actually writing under a pseudonym, because this time I want to ask you about a love reading. Yes, yes, I truly DO know what that says about me, having to create a separate name and all for my love reading. 🙂 I truly do know that I have a lot of issues about love, and a lot of blockages & insecurities about love.

    And actually, I wanted to write you already a week or so ago, because I wanted to gain deeper insights into what those blockages, fears & insecurities was/is that seem to surface, when I'm in a loving relationship.

    And I thought it was about time in my life to take a good look at these issues that I have in love. Since I know that love is part of my North Node somehow.

    But things have changed recently, and what I thought was the beginning of a loving (& karmic?) relationship. Suddenly ended. Now he won't even return my messages.

    I don't understand anything of what's going on in my life right now, and now I'm just left with a lot of questions. And I was hoping you Blmoon, along with my spirit guides, could give me some answers to a lot of these questions, that I have.

    As you probably can feel, there's a lot of history in the short time that I've known him. When I looked up his chart, the first time, after I'd just met him, I was blown away and had a 'feeling'/'sensation' that I had some kharmic debt with this guy. One of the reasons was because he had A LOT of the qualities that I needed for my north node, and I had the qualities he needed for his north node. And I WAS right. We did have some kharmic debt together.

    And now I'm wondering what happened. Just in general. Why did that unexpected incident happen? What was I supposed to learn from it? I mean, aside from the obvious things, which I have learned, and the shadow side thing, that I also have learned (or 'am' learning). I, actually, had a feeling that one of the reasons it had happened was to bring us closer together, but now I'm getting the feeling that it's definitively over between us.

    And now I'm asking why did this all happen? What was the meaning of all of this? I was doing so well, before he came along. And now it seems/has seemed like he's left my life in ruins. Okay, that's an exaggeration. 🙂 But I really do feel like my life was better before him, and now it's worse.

    Why didn't he like me? I was so patient, kind and loving around him. But of course I also did show him the complete me, with faults and all, because I wanted to be MYSELF when I was around him. Could that have been why? --- What did I do wrong? Maybe I can learn from this experience somehow. --- Why did he enter my life? Just to disappear again as quickly as he came in. --- I don't understand any of this. is there anything that I'm supposed to be learning from this all, that I'm just not seeing??

    Please help me with this Blmoon, it's been a really hard couple of weeks, and I'm really trying my utmost best to keep myself together. And I don't understand the meaning of this all, and what I'm supposed to be doing, and what I'm supposed to be learning.

    Please help me with any insights, Blmoon. Thank you ever so much 🙂 🙂 🙂

    And by the way, I also wantto truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for a reading you did on this forum a few weeks back (not for me, but for someone else), and in general for doing readings for a forum like this, because by doing so not only do you help the people who you do the reading for, but you also help the rest of us who gravitate towards the forum during some of the most trying, and darkest and saddest hours of our lives, and somehow your advice for someone else resonates a truth in us, and gives us the comfort we needed and the strength to carry on. I want to thank you deeply for the reading that you gave for nancyeann, that read:

    "You have a right to grieve and you have a right to have these emotions. You can not hide from them only decide to pick your self up once you let it out. It does not mean you have failed or lost ground. I lost a child. [...]

    It's only a bad thing if it persisTs and isolates you and you withdraw and wallow for weeks. [...]

    Life is up and down."

    And these true and comforting words came to me when I needed them the most. I felt like I wasn't supposed to fall to pieces or to go into depression or something like that, but that I was supposed to keep my composure and 'keep calm, and carry on'. I kept hearing that in my head, like as if my spirit guides were telling me, that this was what I was supposed to do. So this is what I did. And I can't thank you immensely enough for writing that message to nancyeann that day. It meant so undescribably much much to me. Thank you. 🙂

    Love & Light to you,

    SolarLight 🙂

  • Hi again Blmoon. I know that you're very busy. And I just wanted to let you know that I'm doing okay now. I don't think I need a new reading anymore. I realized these past few days that the reading you gave me 6 months ago still stands. I think I understand a lot of the reasons these things are sent to try me, and you gave me a lot of good advice in my last reading.

    There are still many things that I don't understand about this whole issue though, but that's for another time. I've got more pressing issues that I need to attend to. And I think I intuitively know them deep down inside anyways.

    Thank you for your loving guidance and for being there for us. I would not have got through this last year very well at all if it weren't for your initial reading back then and I definitely woudn't have handled these last 7 weeks so well if it hadn't been for your kind (and wise!) advice here on the forum to nancyeann and to others.

    And I think I know what my spirit guides and angels are trying to say to me right now, so I don't think I even need to ask 🙂

    Love & Light to you,

    SolarLight 🙂

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