We Can Always Bring Love To The Surface

  • a message from Ann Albers

    My dear friends, we love you so very much.

    As you move forward in an ever changing world, dear ones, remember that God lives and breathes life and love within each one of you. Here in the heavens we cannot imagine favoring one soul over another, giving one more power than another, or saying any one of you is better or worse than another. In our eyes, and in God's eyes you are all equal.You are all powerful creators. You are all made of the very same stuff. And you are all capable of the very same love whether or not you choose to bring it to the surface.

    Many of you upon the planet earth have been in some of the toughest classes available in the universe. It is easy to be gracious with a warm roof over your head, so much more challenging when you are in need. And yet dear ones, look at the souls who have suffered so many losses as of late. Look at their example of reaching out to neighbors in need. Look at the woman who has nothing else to offer but a power cord dangling from her window to those who have none. Look at the ones who lost their livelihood and yet are outside cooking for their community. These people, far from remaining victims have taken charge of their souls and their lives in the only way they can - by being the loving beings that they truly are. Some of the souls in your disasters have indeed signed up for the PhD classes in spiritual evolution for if you can remain loving in dire circumstances, then dear ones, you have achieved quite a level of mastery.

    So no matter what your circumstances, no matter whether or not you are happy with your situation in life, with the politics in your country, with your neighbor, your spouse, or your child, ask a simple question... "How can I bring more love into this situation now, even as I am creating better?" Ask, "How can I honor myself while also being kind to the rest of humanity?" Dear ones, God will help you find the answers, for no matter what the circumstances, God is with you at all times.

    God bless you. We love you so very much.

    –– The Angels

    Message From Ann

    First of all a heartfelt thank you to all who contributed to the relief efforts for the storm back east, whether it was with money, prayers, or good wishes. Collectively we were responsible for several thousand dollars of contributions. And for those of you who weren't guided... thank you for honoring your hearts too because as the angels always remind me, "God knows what He is doing." My heart is going out to the individuals who have been affected. Several are on this list. Family members of people I know have lost everything. And yet they are resilient, grateful for the blessings they can find, and willing to band together and bond with one another. At the worst of times, we see the best of humanity it seems. For those of you affected and reading this, our prayers continue to be with you. God is always there.

    These bigger disasters always seek to remind us that our own problems aren't so big after all. I have an elderly dog still and I won't go into details but its like having a child in diapers minus the diapers at times. When one particularly nasty mess occurred right before a long-term client had a reading, I took a breath (outside), and gave him the option of rescheduling. He opted to have his session and so we barricaded myself in my office with the air purifier and candles. After I apologized profusely for the situation he made me laugh... "If I get upset over a little dog mess, after studying under you for so many years, either I'm a bad student, or you're a bad teacher!" He was right. I did his session and then spent my lunch hour on my hands and knees scrubbing and doing laundry. I was grateful for a floor to scrub. Many people back east no longer have that.

    So when you find yourself in circumstances you don't like, try to be grateful for what is good. Try to remember there will always be people doing better, and there will always be people who have a much harder time. What is important is that we are here, now, in this moment, and while I certainly do not enjoy certain things about elder doggie care, I focus instead on the love and just trying to be where I'm at to the best of my ability. I have it easy compared to so many.

    So this week, count your blessings, no matter how large or small. Pray for those in need. Contribute if you are guided, but above all try to bring love into every little situation. The world is truly in need. Even a smile or a small random act of kindness counts... it might just change someone's life.

    Hugs and love,


  • I needed this today, no matter what we may be going thru it could be worse, be thankful for the blessings we already have, good reminder! Peace.....

  • Remain positvie/joyful. Good message. Let others see your joy.

  • Thanks to you Daliolite I'm will to wait when ever your ready .

    I do understand that you do need to take some time out.

    I'm happy to wait and I glad u giving me opportunity to hear from you

  • Blessings!

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