Activate Your Lightbody

  • a message from Goddess of Creation channeled by Shelly Dressel

    We have learned about our Lightbodies over the last several years. When the Goddess first introduced us to the energies, it was as if it was coming from the Omniverse and the vibration was quite different than our own energies. Over the years we’ve aligned with these energies many different times and each time it brings it a little closer and a little closer.

    Now as the earth is ready to complete its shift into the 4th dimension, the lightbody (LB) energies will be even more prevalent upon and within the earth’s energies. Therefore, you will have greater access to your own LB energies. The Lightbody energy is a pure crystalline energy. It’s your link to the higher vibrations and it’s another way that you can integrate your divinity into your physical reality.

    Ultimately what do you seek to have in life? My perception is a life filled with joy, excitement, love, self-actualization, experiences, abundance, and the many, many ways to express all of that and more. The deeper integration of the Lightbody or crystalline energies is another way in which you may access all of what you seek. It creates a great flow in your life and this can be experienced through what you send out to the world and what comes back to you.

    As the LB energy worked with each person, he/she passed along an activation. It linked the top of the head, the third eye and the back of the skull at its base; the medulla oblongata. From these three points, it created a triangle of alignment that went right through the pineal gland. He/she then began to infuse this energy and it felt to me like an electrical jolt went all the way through me. I could feel from my cellular structure outward as if everything was shifted into a greater alignment.

    I hope you enjoy this experience and can feel the shift as you move through your days. The greater lightbody alignment allows for greater ease in working with energies which in turn allows greater ease in manifesting.


    Nama sika: venia benya I AM the one; I AM the whole

    I greet you beloved family. I reach out to everybody here, I reach out with my thoughts, with my awareness, with the intention that you may feel me as much as I feel you. I am ever present and available to you.

    I invite you to reach out to me in your prayers and in your thoughts. Many, many of you already do but whether that’s conscious or unconscious be aware that I can hear you and I see you.

    In speaking of this there is the storm that occurred in the United States and it created a great shift in the energies. I was there. There have been earthquakes that take place in other parts of the world. I was there. There is the fighting in the Middle East. I was there. There is the car accident that randomly takes place. I was there. There are the people celebrating a moment or an experience in their lives. So too I was there.

    One could say that sometimes it's a minute by minute; sometimes it’s a day-by-day occurrence in which transition is taking place upon the Earth. I am there. I invite you to reach out to me and allow me to walk side by side with you if you so choose.

    Not only am I the Goddess working with you in these ways, there are many different angels and beings of light. With all the transition that is taking place at this time upon the Earth, more and more are we available for you. More and more are people able to not only feel our presence but sometimes to see us, or communicate with us.

    The other key part or aspect of all of this is that each one of you are opening up to a much greater degree to your own god-self energies. This may be that deeper alignment to your divinity. It may be as you feel the connection with your higher self. Howsoever you allow it to come in and be a part of your everyday experience, embrace who you are.

    I like to speak of these things before we go off into the higher realms because this is why you are still fully conscious and fully present in this moment. And now I invite you to take one last deep breath down within you and then have a sense of consciously letting go of your physical body and you allow your energies to stream upward or stream into that place that we refer to as the magnetic grid.

    This is a place of your higher self. It’s also a place where one can tap into the collective consciousness of the Earth.

    There is a great deal of transformation taking place within the magnetic grid so look around. Be aware not only of your own impact upon it but become aware of all that is present here for you. I then invite you to have a feeling of letting go that magnetic pull of the Earth and allow yourself to shift your focus into the crystalline grid.

    As you arrive here within this space, allow yourself to feel the flow of energy. Feel the flexibility, feel all that is taking place. The magnetic grid is also expanding. It’s expanding because more and more people are reaching out. They reach out as a means of connecting with themselves. They reach out as a means of experiencing their greater amount of their own divinity.

    And then you ask yourself ‘What is it to be in the crystalline energies? What is it to be in this space?’ and that will take you even further. From there you allow yourself to make a conscious shift into the soul plane.

    There is some overlay between these two but as you allow yourself to open up more fully to your divinity you may find yourself coming into contact with what may look like God or Goddess. You may find yourself coming into a pure energy that is filled with love, filled with awareness.

    As you embrace your I Am presence, allow your focus to open up. Open up to recognize who you are. Open up to recognize the many, many different lifetimes that you have experienced and has become a part of what this is.

    I the Goddess move within and amongst all of you. I reach out and enfold you in my arms; I embrace you with unconditional love. I see you, I believe in you, I accept you. Allow yourself to feel these energies as they flow through you.

    You may have a sense of expanding into the All That Is. As you arrive within this space open up to embrace your perception of yourself. The All That Is is a place of creation. It's a place of awareness where you have the ability to create change within your life.

    As you allow yourself to become aware of the perception within and around here you may feel, see, sense that there is a lot of energy available to you.

    The last time that we were together we spoke of shaking up your energy, of shaking up the patterns in your life. Of creating new patterns that would allow for new potentials or opportunities to come into your life.

    I invite you to take a moment and consider if there has been any sort of a change for you. Consider the last couple of weeks, in particular since we allowed that to be the focus, but then stretch that a little further.

    Looking back over the last month or several months, have you allowed change to come into your life? Have there been instances where you stepped outside of what was the norm for you so as to experience new opportunities or new potentials? There we go. I can feel the energy shifting around all of you as I speak of this.

    We also heard from Ashtar and the ancient ones and the lightbody energy as a group of these universal lights that are coming in closer and closer to the Earth and your everyday reality.

    I invite you to take a moment and consider your life. We do this every time we get together, do we not? In part it is because everybody’s focus is; your life, what is happening, what may not be happening etcetera.

    Allow your focus to go to that place within your life that is most coming to your awareness. As you do so have a sense of flowing unconditional love into the situation. It may come through your thoughts, your heart, as you look at whatever it may be. And then have a sense of walking around as if you are going in a circle. Look at it from another perspective.

    You may invite your guide or another aspect of yourself to come in here and give you their perception of what this may be. When you have things that are going on in your life, your focus will oftentimes be upon whatever that may be. I invite you to ask, is your focus upon the lack?

    If you are seeking to manifest something within your life you are seeking change. The change may be something that will bring even more attention or awareness into your life. It may allow you to feel things more deeply; it may enrich your life in a multitude of different ways. Open up to the clear perception of what it is you seek to manifest.

    I invite you to consider it as that way of enhancing and be very clear that your energy is not about the lack. How many of you recognize that when you consider what you seek to manifest it is from that place of lack? If this is where your focus is upon then I invite you to allow yourself to link with whatever that may be, flow the energy of love and acceptance into it and then allow it to transform until you see perhaps the flipside of it or you see, sense, feel yourself in the place of having received it, or your life is now enhanced from whatever it is that you seek.

    While we are out here in the All That Is, the energy flows with ease. You are without the denseness of the Earth plane; you are instead in pure energy. I invite you to consider this place in which you are with the intention of reaching out towards the crystalline energies and the lightbody.

    These energies have been all around you but when you open up your thought and your consciousness to the awareness you may see it coming into a more specific discernment.

    I invite you to open up to this perception of the lightbody energies. You met this energy the last time we were together. She came through as a pink energy and we say ‘she’ simply because pink is oftentimes associated with the feminine but in truth this is a purely androgynous energy.

    And as it comes forth making itself known to everyone here, I invite you to open up your awareness for howsoever it may come through to you.

    I invite the lightbody energy to speak with you now:

    ‘Greetings beloved friends. I am adjusting my energy so that each one of you may receive the exact message that is pertinent for you.

    There is a wide variety of energies that are present at this time. I therefore take a moment to focus within the consciousness of my thoughts and awareness that I may link with everybody no matter where you are in your evolution, be it conscious or unconscious.

    I wanted to describe that to you because this is something you may use in your everyday life. How often are you in communication with other people in which you feel as if they don’t hear you or they don’t understand you.

    By allowing yourself to link with all the energies that create who you are and in particular the fluidity of your lightbody energies you can transmit not only into a situation but messages to the people around you. This is in part similar to the soul communication that the Goddess and Shelly have used for many years but it is actually somewhat less distinct.

    You are each integrating a more crystalline level within yourself. It begins within your DNA, from your DNA it moves from cell to cell to cell throughout your physical body that you already have, it moves into your bones, your ligaments, your muscles. It creates a change within you on every different level.

    As your Earth moves through the completion of this year, the final transition into the fourth dimension will be complete for the physical body of the Earth. You may question how will that affect the collective conscious; you may question how will that affect you.

    It will affect everyone upon the Earth by making available to them a greater ease in working with their own lightbody energies. Many of you are already experiencing what this means to you. There will be many others that look towards something that is unique or different that they seek to understand.

    You may find yourself becoming the teacher, even as you feel yourself the student. You are each evolved; you have each moved through the experiences of your life. Through your intention you have the ability to manifest great change within your life. You have already created the change and are living that experience here within the All That Is or perhaps somewhere out here in the Universe.

    You have access to that through your I Am presence. You also have access through your lightbody energies.

    I invite you to have a sense of looking at me as if I am separate from you. I come up to each one of you individually and I reach out as if to touch you on the top of your head. Now I realize in the All That Is it is your consciousness that is here and your physical body is somewhat separated.

    For all intents and purposes what I do to you here in this consciousness transforms or transmits down into your physical body as if you are here with your physical body.

    As I stand in front o you, as I mentioned I touched the top of your head, your third eye and the base of your skull in the back. I create a triangle that moves through your pineal gland and I activate a flow of energy that is your direct alignment with the lightbody.

    The Goddess has worked with you in the past about your lightbody energies. She has worked with you on integrating and activating to the level that was possible at that time. This is about moving forward and being able to experience your lightbody energy as a much more integrated part of yourself.

    There, and now that that is complete I invite you to be open to receive and allow yourself to feel as if the lightbody energy is moving through every place within you. For so many of you I’m hearing you say ‘I’ve done this already, it’s complete, I already recognize these energies, this is not anything that is new to me.’

    I invite you to open up and allow it to move even further within you. What is new to everybody upon the planet is the deeper potential for integration. And there it goes. Now I see everybody opening up even further and everybody accepting this energy.

    As you feel that greater amount of your lightbody become familiar with it as if it is you. Become familiar with how translucent you may feel, become familiar with how your thoughts and your intention may have an immediate result.

    Some of you have a sense that this is the same as what it’s always been but others of you I see expanding, soaring, moving out further and further into the Universe.

    The energies of divinity that are out here within the Universe express themselves as lightbody energies. If you remember just a few years ago the Goddess began speaking of the lightbody and it was as if you had to go to the Omniverse to tap into these energies.

    You are the creators of this way of manifesting these energies. They are coming into and around the Earth plane in a much more prevalent manner for the last several years.

    This way of experiencing them gives you the opportunity to do whatever resonates with you. I wanted to take this opportunity to speak with you, to introduce myself and to be able to assist in creating the balance or alignment between you and your lightbody so that it will work for you in the days and weeks to come.

    I am ever available to you. You need only open your heart to the lightbody energies with the intention of linking with me and I am there. I work with you through your own lightbody energies to assist you in whatever way that I may.

    Aluana ceelia un mia. I recognize that I am lightbody.


    I the Goddess return to you and you may see that essence of the lightbody still standing beside me. It is a beautiful energy filled with color, depth, dimension and awareness.

    As she worked with each one of you she was giving you the gift of creating a space that worked directly with you. It is in your own vibration and as she spoke at the close about accepting lightbody as you, she was encouraging you to move through this process in whatever way works for you until you can recognize that it is not something outside of you but it is simply you.

    It’s another way of integrating more of your divinity. It’s another way of integrating a more fluent energy within and around you so that you can create and manifest change with greater ease.

    It is as if there is a matrix or a hologram that moves around the Earth and the lightbody energy is one of the energies that allows you to work with that matrix. The more ways in which you have to create change within your life the greater ease you have in manifesting.

    It begins with letting go of the old patterns and the old ways in which you have been seeking change or you’ve been seeking to manifest something and it doesn’t work. It is about stepping into something new that allows you to be more empowered with your own essence and to integrate the lightbody within you.

    It may seem awkward or different as you are first working with these energies but in a very short period of time it will become automatic. I believe in you, I know that you have the life that you seek to have. It’s here in the All That Is, it’s here in a dimension that is different from where you are living in your current existence.

    Open up and allow that transformation to take place that will bring it down into the place in which you live right now. Experience yourself as your lightbody. Experience yourself with the belief that you can have what you desire. Experience yourself with the understanding that you are unconditional love. You are all that is divine.

    And with that I invite everyone to come back together as a group. As you do so you allow your energies to create a space in which the hologram of the Earth becomes suspended within.

    You may see that there is some similarity to the matrix of which I spoke, but this is different. So infuse into this hologram the energies of your lightbody and I will also infuse the other energies that are for all of those not consciously present

    This hologram becomes illuminated. It is filled with greater light. And as it gets released it shifts so that it may move downward towards your physical Earth. Within the crystalline grid there is an aspect that moves outward towards the New Earth creating that greater alignment between your everyday reality and the dimensions in which you may experience Earth but at a higher level.

    You can feel this perception as it moves through. Now as this hologram comes into contact with your physical Earth, observe the ways in which the matrix and the hologram move together. This is something that is surrounding the Earth; you may call it the magnetic grid, the matrix the hologram. There are many different words that refer to the same thing.

    And then the energy continues moving downward until it moves into the Earth itself. It anchors within the center of the Earth. From there it emanates outward so that that crystalline energy of the lightbody creates a greater balance and creates a more fluid movement upon the Earth.

    It comes up within you within your physical body, and as it comes up within your physical body you can feel it becoming activated all that took place between you and the lightbody energy in the All That Is.

    It becomes anchored and it is balanced within you. So too it radiates out from you into your environment, into the place in which you live, your community, your work, your family. It moves through every different level. And send out the intention that what you seek to manifest is here, it’s already taking place within the All That Is so bring that down into your everyday reality; feel the fluid movement of these lightbody energies.

    And with that we release these energies. Allow your focus to come back within the All That Is so that you may once more shift your energies, you move through the soul plane and as you move through the soul plane you can feel that there may be a greater part of your divinity that is there and then as much as is possible comes back with you.

    You allow it to come through the crystalline grid. You allow your focus to move through the magnetic grid and as you bring your consciousness back with you it integrates within your physical body. You may feel yourself anchoring here within this space. And then you move even further.

    You allow everything that took place in the All That Is to swirl in and around you in your physical reality. What does it feel like to have what you’ve been seeking? What does it look like, smell like, is there anything different in your surroundings as you bring in that final completion?

    Allow it to anchor deeper and deeper within you.

    All right beloved family, so as we bring this evening to a close I invite you over the next two weeks to become aware of what your own lightbody energy is. Become aware of the ways in which there can be a more fluid energy around you. Become aware of what it is to open up to that higher divinity of who you are and then allow that to be expressed in your everyday life.

    Know that I am ever with you and within you.


    This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact.

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