Captain please

  • Hi captain how are you? I was wondering if you can give me a reading regarding this few situations. First I'm suppose to get some money from him will he give it to me? How will our child support case go? He said he filed for visitation order which I don't think he dd but maybe just said it because of his wife. I think he puts things in his head that makes him be mean to me. I'm not allowing my daughter to spend the night at his house now since he can never give me the actual address of where he lives. Will we come to an agreement for visitation. Thank uou captain for for your time.

  • I don't feel he wants to pay and wants to be out of this situation altogether.

  • Thank captain. I guess I will never get the money. It's sad how he can never keep his promises. Lets see how much he cares I told him to give me theoney the day wants to see his daughter ill see how that goes. I hate to put her in it but there's no other way I can deal with him.

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