Need a future outlook for the opcoming holiday.

  • Hello I would love it if someone could give me a near future reading regarding thanksgiving coming up here in a week. The story is this; My mom hates my boyfriend and doesnt want him in her home. however ny mom is planning on cooking thanksgiving meal, and im sure she is expecting me to be there, cause its important to her her to have immediate family for holiday celebrations. My boyfriend is planning on leaving towm before that for a new truck driving company he wants to get into, but if for some reason that plans falls through, im worried about what is going to happen. My man is going to to want to come with me, and he even mentioned it as if he would expect to go if he in town for that day. He isnt super close to his family, so there is possibility he wont have any other plans, or if he does go to his moms he may want to share the day half and half. What do you foresee happening here? will be out town for the holiday or nor? if he is here what will happen? what should i do? will this cause conflict/unrest? what is thanksgiving going to be like this year?

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