What's is this what i feel?

  • can u tell how my sister's doing. is she okay? going to college and stuff?:)

  • Doree, your dad is not living your life - YOU are. Do what you feel is right.

    Aren't you in contact with your sister?

  • but he is paying for that, so i cant decide on my own.

    well im, but she wont tell me everything.

  • Is your dad doing this for you to look after you - or for him, so that he can control you?

    And if your sister doesn't want to tell you things, I must respect her desire for privacy.

  • i guess to look after me, he thinks that's better if i stay for now. im not very happy with that, but right now, there's nothing that is acutally great for me, and i have to focus on college. so i will stay for now in this apartment.

    well, i think she would tel mel if i was there, but talking over phone or stuff, not really. im not that type either,

    this year is very uncertain for me, in a way, that i dont know, will i stay here school year. it's been hard, it's gonna be even harder. i really want to, but i can't be sure. can you tell, what do you feel, how's gonna be here for me, will it get any better?

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