What's is this what i feel?

  • I met some guy on college, just like everyone else. We didnt talk at all, just like few sentences. But i feel really weird about him,i keep thinking why i'm attracted to him, cause it isn't like i wanna be in relationship(im in realtionship) but it's like i wanna know him.

    Can you tell how does he feel about me, and why im feeling this way is there any reason? 🙂

    im virgo, he is libra

  • So can't you just be friends or is this a sexual attraction? It may be a manifestation of any doubts or frustrations you feel in your current relationship.

  • im not very social, so we didnt talk that much. cause i usally sit with girl i first met. but idk when i see him, i feel weird, kinda sex. attracted. but idk.

  • captain, what do you feel about his point of view/ feelings?

  • You are not the sort of girl he is usually attracted to but he thought you were a nice person. Librans are very attractive people and draw many admirers.

  • yes, it seems like he is more alternative, than me based on just looks. can u feel us getting along maybe or not?

    so he is kinda attracted to me? ln some way

  • This is not about him or anyone else but you and the insecurity you feel about your own attractiveness. In a way, you were testing yourself to find out if you could attract this guy. Forget him and work to build up your self-confidence and self-love.

  • i guess you are right about that, but i dont really know how to build my confidence.

    thank you

  • By focusing on your strengths, gifts, and abilities - rather than what you see as your failings.

  • i will try 🙂 can i ask you something more?

    I've thinking about getting a roomate, what do you feel is that good idea? And if i decide to that, will i find good roomate?:)

  • You will get a good roommate if you choose wisely and not rush into a decision. Give them a trial period.

  • thank you. i just published advert about place 🙂 hope i find someone good, will i find someone soon like for december or later?

    It's kinda hard to choose, just based on few minutes talking, but i will try

  • will i find a roomate or new place, cos if i dont find roomate soon, i will look for another place? 🙂

  • and i have news, i just talked with some girl from my class, she is also looking for place, but my place is to expensive for her. so i was wondering, should i try to find place with her or wait for someone else?:)

  • Wait for someone who can afford your place or if there is room for three people, do that with this girl and someone else. And make sure you get references and do a background check before you decide.

  • ok, thank you, no there's no room for three people. and for now nobody wants this place cause is expensive. mabye someone will call later.

    so im not sure, should i try to fnd new place or roomate?:)

  • Well, give yourself a time limit. If you have not found a roommate by then, look for a new place. Also are you open to anyone - because I feel like there is a man who might be interested in sharing with you.

  • well today i found a place that's cheaper, similiar to one im now. so im planing to move in? i have to decide till tomorow, i have 12hours. so what do you think about that place? should i get it?

    and no, i didnt post male roomate, just girl roomate, is that anyone i know, or someone that saw advert.:/

  • Well, then twelve hours is your time limit. Would you rather live alone or share with someone? If this new place seems OK to you, then go for it.

  • i would rather be alone in cheaper place, then with someone in some expensive one, well my dad told me not to move, so i cant for now. so i will continue looking for roomate. do you feel will i found someone in december, cos if i dont, then i will search again for new place in january probably, if my dad approves.

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