Archangel Michael: We are in a Unified Force Field. That is What This Opening is

  • We’ve finished the pre-record of An Hour with an Angel. Geoff was unfortunately unable to be with us today. What I wish to do here is to post Archangel Michael’s comments on what occurred on 11/11. What he says is that the floodgates have been opened and the resistance to change dissipated on the planet. This release of resistance is what we can expect to see most prominently going forward and not what is visible on the planet, as a result of 11/11.

    It is as we thought: It is what 11/11 opened up and not so much what we individuals may have experienced on 11/11 that is important and AAM explains why that is so.

    AAM tells us that over 100,000 lightworkers and lightholders ascended on 11/11 and then returned as gatekeepers and we can expect to see them taking up leading roles on TV and radio, explaining Ascension to others and speeding others through the gateway. When Ellen finishes the transcript we’ll see as well what St. Germaine had to say about NESARA.

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    Archangel Michael: I am pleased to be with you today and to bring the news of this opening of the portal of love and the unifying energy of love. My beloved friends, from beginning to end, and no, this is not the end; it is if anything a new beginning – but from the beginning to the very end, all our sacred undertakings will be and have been about the anchoring of love.

    This has been going since the very beginning and certainly in terms of what you think of as the history of Gaia, as the undertaking and the anchoring of the plan of the Mother, this has been going on for eons. But, yes, the fulness of this opening of this portal of 11/11 is accomplished. In your time you think it has been slow. But in fact it has been exceptionally rapid, in many ways, instantaneous.

    And each of you in your own blissful way will be feeling this input, this flooding, this clearing and this anchoring, like bedrock, of love, of love for your sacred self and love for others. And with that does come the confidence of knowing that you, each of you, is exactly where you have need to be, even if it is not where you will ultimately be.

    What do I mean by that? For some of you there is still a slight clearing, an expansion as you move interdimensionally, transdimensionally. But the key is to allow this. It need not be melodramatic. It need not be the slightest bit dramatic. For is gentle, love is graceful, love is kind.

    There is not one fiber, element, essence, human, starseed, gatekeeper, Earthkeeper, that is not being penetrated by this love. For some of you it is gentle and for some of you it is very, very strong as if you never felt this energy because it is far more than just an emotion. It is far beyond what you think of as a feeling. It is the core and essence of your being that is being shifted and opened and, yes, in many ways recreated.

    For you know that the form has need to be at the highest vibration to fully accommodate what it is you are doing, individually and collectively in terms of this Ascension. You can look outside of yourself and most of you tend to, but what I am asking is that you also look within to your core, first and foremost, and feel and see and acknowledge and allow what is there to well up and to anchor at the same time you are talking about the most significant shift in the history, not only of your planet, but also probably of your entire galaxy and multiverse.

    Then you may observe. Observe outside. And see how this shift is manifesting in your outer world, in your circle, in your friendships, in your politics and your finances and your society. And then take action that is appropriate.

    It is not merely us, the Company of Heaven, the Council of Love, the archangels and the mighty ones holding open the doorway. It is you. This is the co-creation. This is the sacred partnership. It is the unity with each other, across continents and oceans, heart to heart to heart to heart, up to your star brothers and sisters, back to you. We are in a unified force field. That is what this opening is about.

    The undertaking of what you have called, and what we have called, containment, or taking in a variety of ways those who have not been or have not experienced or held that vibration of love, and putting them in a situation not only where they have been penetrated continually, and many of them continue to be and will be, but penetrated by the light and by the love. The removal of many of those energies also allows for the free flow and impact of the love that is coming through because there are not those barriers, whether they are human or energetic – they are all one and the same – so there are not those hiccups or those barriers that are stopping the flow.

    So what I say to you, only you can stop the flow. And it would be very, very difficult, it would be a Herculean task, and we do not see or witness one being upon your entire planet who wishes to stop the flow. Do you know what this means? The road ahead is clear.

    You look to events and I do not chide you for this for we have discussed many events with you, many undertakings but look to your hearts as well, look to how you are in your very core of beingness. That is the truth of where you are, where you are going and what you are truly undertaking.

    It was possible for the human collective to create some barriers with the opening of this portal but that resistance has not been there. Yes, it is true that we helped with containment. But in your individual hearts, your selves, your cores, even those of you who are still undergoing some removal from clean-up, none of you, none of you said no. For this we bless and thank you. And I am most ready, dear Steve, for your questions.

    Steve: Thank you, Lord. Well, I think one question that is on many listeners’ minds, and it may be primarily on my own, is: Did many lightworkers ascend and did they return as gatekeepers?

    AAM: Yes, yes. And it is not a coincidence that many, many went through the portal. And what we are suggesting is that it is about a 24-hour portal and so many are anchoring, re-anchoring today back in what they feel is some physical form. So yes, many ascended. Well over a hundred thousand.

    S: How would we become aware of these ordinarily, Lord? How would they make their presence felt?

    AAM: But that is the key. It is not that they set themselves aside or outside, above or beyond. So what is happening with the gatekeepers, and the pillars as well, by the way, is that they have come and it is even first of all they have come to a much higher realm and frequency than simply the Fifth Dimension. Then they have anchored in the Fifth. Now they are floating back to the Third. How you note that is by substantial change. Observe your friends. Observe your family. Rather than even looking to the bigger scene. Because that is where you will truly notice or perceive a difference.

    It is not that these people, these gatekeepers are to be noted so much as different, but they know that something very substantial and deep and irrevocable has taken place within them. And that their sense of mission and of purpose has truly come to the forefront. With a sense of confidence, yes, but also with a sense of … we will not say desperation … but of urgency, that they must do their mision and purpose, that there is, in terms of the human realm and the human experience, no time left to be prevaricating, that they must get on with it, and that that sense of directness, there is no more curved highway, it is a straight line, and that they truly must reach those they have volunteered for. And for some it is one by one by one, but for most it is massive groups.

    S: So if it is massive groups, we could expect them to be popping up on TV or radio? Is that correct?

    AAM: Yes, that is correct.

    S: Alright. And again I always like to point out to listeners when you have just answered the question I was about to ask because for me that it is always such an interesting phenomenon.

    My next question of you and it may need to be our final question before welcoming St. Germain is what does the outcome of 11/11 have to say about the remaining events we’re expecting – NESARA, Disclosure, the removal of the remaining members of the cabal who are still causing chaos and I’m not talking about the people who are in containment who are responding well. What does 11/11 have to say about that?

    AAM: It opens the floodgates to wash them clean. So those who have been the thorn in the side or a bit of a hindrance are also receiving the impact. Let me take you back to first principle and that is for all beings to have the experience of love. There is no being, particularly on your planet, who has incarnated regardless of what form that does not desire love, no matter how far into the dark they may have travelled or how far they have veered from the truth of who they are.

    So what this does is it allows them to be caught up in the flood. So what it does is that it pushes away like a twig, not even a cement block, not even like a log or a tree or a log jam, but like a twig the resistance to things like equitable distribution, governmental control, sabotage, any of these things – that is what it does. And that sets the framework for the unified field.

    Posted by Steve Beckow


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