Astra Angel, may I please have a reading

  • Hi Astra, I would like a reading on my relationship and finance. Both me and my boyfriend have financial difficulties and a unstable job.

    Would things. Change for the better soon?

    My birthdate 4 May 1962

    His. 10 August 1962

    Thank you so much

    Love and light

  • sorry for interuption, hey, astra can u look at my thread 🙂 i forgot to add your name

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  • Hey taureen girl,

    Do you have your own cards?

    That looks like the best way to get a reading for you, you draw the cards and I will look at that and tell you what I see. My drawing cards will only show aspects for me not you. (this is my understanding of how this works at this point).

    Same goes for you too Doree.

    I would draw a celtic cross on yourselves and post back with cards.

    Just draw 10 cards for yourself and list them 1-10 (you don't need to tell me what each position refers to.)

    If you don't have a deck you can find a free tarot generator on line like the one at sacred-texts. org

  • no i dont have a deck, will do it online 🙂 do you have any site u recommend?

  • cos i cant find it there, i will do it here online i hope it's okay 🙂

  • here is a pick of my reading, it dosent seem good to me 😕

  • I do fact I own a couple of my own decks, unfortunately all my belongings are in storage at the moment. I have to say...never felt comfortable with "computer" generated spreads....lack of personal touch I feel. However, maybe I should give it a try. 🙂

    Love and light

  • Doree

    Thanks for the cards... I tell you this looks really good to me.

    The "Fool" is the next frame in you and your BF"s life experience, so expect an offer, an invitation, a job opening or something that solves your financial woes very soon. 9+10 P is very soon.

    You have a lot of swords over you, so that can be affected into fears, however there is nothing to fear, your life is on path and all will be provided for. 10, 7, 3 swords are all tricky energies. That is what you are contending with mostly. Learning to see through the storm to a better shore.

    I think your path right now is learning how to accept financial challenges in your relationship, along with the accompanying thoughts, fears, stress, hope... all of that weighs on the relationship, so as you are able to come to terms with your emotions between you, and stay connected in trust, you two should come through this just fine.

    6 of wands outcome is very nice! I see wonderful things ahead (I wish I had a wand to make your finances appear, I will hope that for you anyway!

  • Hi Astra,

    My cards,drawn online.... Hopefully this will help. 🙂

    1). Page of cups

    2). 10 of pentacles

    3). Wheel of fortune

    4). King of pentacles

    5). Page of wands

    6). 6 of pentacles

    7). 6 of cups

    8). 2 of cups

    9). 10 of swords

    10). 9 of pentacles

    Thank you

    Love and light

  • Okay, let's see what they seem to suggest

    Situation is a Page of Cups. So the "situation" is of an emotional nature, maybe there has been some communication or words recently.

    The card that 'crosses' a ten of pentacles seems to be a very physical emphasis all of a sudden! We go from a very innocent page, of heart and feelings... to something very physical, surroundings perhaps.

    Above, the wheel, a desire to see a change, you want to see the wheel turn in your life.

    Below, a King of Pentacles, so you have some background with this physical aspect. Could be a man I guess... a relationship. You could be the page to this king.

    Fading.. page of Wands, so there is the first wand and now we have a key as to the nature of your path. It appears to be very much about communicating I think. 2 pages, and this the Wand so I think it is pointing back to the Page cups saying, hear her! So this situation is starting to sound like a communication issue with a (guy?) this King of material, he could be too focused on the physical and that is a challenge for you? Interesting...

    Then 6Pentacles is where we are heading, and that is a very nice flowing physical setting, so you can see that the 10P has been reduced to a 6, which is much simpler, flowing, calm place of physical life (with him I want to say).

    Then up the side, a sequence...

    6 of cups, 2 of cups, 10 swords and 9 pentacles.

    So the 6 cups is continuing the 6 pentacle energy, this could have been another 6 pentacle. So this sounds like whatever this gentle physical place is, translates into something equally flowing emotionally, and that also carries into a 2 cups environmentally.

    10 swords in the "hopes and fears" dept... seems to be some very focused thinking one way or the other. Then the 9 pentacles is at the outcome, which is a very mature place physically.

    I can only surmise that there has been a physical or financial challenge for you and a person (guy?). This has caused some communication difficulties, or there is something trying to be said about the physical life for you.

    There is some sort of calming effect that enters, a very flowing and lovely 66 sequence, and then a balanced and very nice emotional feeling.

    I think this a situation that you have thought on a lot in the past, or the nature of it has caused you deep introspection and self-analysis. And the results of that have been mixed as our minds can help or hurt depending.

    All is leading toward the best of all possible settings, very nice, ample and furnished, physical setting and lifestyle.

    This all looks very encouraging to me! I hope that gives you something to consider... I do think its better to have you draw the cards as you are the one really reading (for yourself) I am simply offering my version of it. Your reactions could be different to the cards.

    Okay, blessings Taureen girl!

  • Hm, im currently in college, and im not looking for job now. so what else could it be?

    idk im relly struggling here, and i hope things are gonna get better.

    thank you astra 🙂

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