Dear TheCaptain, may I have a reading?

  • Hi TheCaptain,

    You know I have not requested very many readings on the forum, however you have helped so many here and I do look to you as our captain, surely watching over us. Whenever you have the time, I would love to have a reading from you! Anything you might pick up on, and there is no rush. A Celtic Cross?, totally up to you.

    Thank you so much, and THANK YOU for all the help and love you show everyone here... I am trying to get back more to painting I think. Or at least a little more balance with that I think. Maybe.

    I can give you a jpeg of a landscape watercolor on cereal box cardboard in trade haha....

    Blessings to you,


  • Is there anything in particular you were concerned about?

  • Oh not really, I just wanted to say hi to you Captain I have seen you on the forum so much.

    I guess I like connecting with the other readers maybe and comparing notes or something. I dunno.

    So, what deck do you use mostly, may I ask?

  • I don't use tarot cards, just my intuition.

    I feel you have reached a crossroads where you have to decide to devote yourself to just one path - either the path of helping others or the other path of focusing more on your own needs. I feel you need to have more time for yourself now. You cannot do both effectively.

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