Hello, please help...

  • Hi, please can someone help me with my relationship problem?? I asked for help before but now I am in even more trouble... I am still not sure if my marriage is right for me? I think that my husband tries to control me and it is making me behave out of control as I try to fight against it. Can someone do a reading for me and tell me if my marriage is healthy or not?

  • Unless your husband faces the fact that he is not behaving in a way that makes you - or him - happy, this marriage is doomed. Would he agree to marriage counselling? Unless he deals with the issues in your marriage, there is no hope for it. You would need to get out.

  • Thank you TheCaptain, I asked him about marriage counselling, we went for one session, he didn't want to go again. 😞 he says that he is going to try and change but I just feel we are going around and around... I am in the same place as I was last year.

  • Yeah, something has to give and I feel it will be you, moving on. Your husband has shown he does not want to change, is even afraid to change because it means stirring up old issues that he is trying to forget. Many people think they can just put things behind them by pushing them down and ignoring them, but that never works. Issues must be faced squarely, acknowledged, and dealt with. Your husband is a long way away from that point of healing. Maybe you moving on will give him the shakeup he needs to begin the work on himself. But as long as you stay, he will not try to change. All he is doing now is dragging you down with him.

  • Thank you The Captain, you are a such a kind soul.

  • Ooomph just signed up to the narcissistic abuse recovery programme. Is this the right time for me to be making these changes? I am a Saggie.. probably the worst sign to be in a controlling relationship.

  • Yes it is the right time.

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