Familiar with spirit guides?

  • I've noticed some people's guides are stronger than others, more persistent. I'm learning that often the guides are a lot like the person. I'm learning that guides will contact you even though you may not know them personally. It's interesting to me how they pick or are able to channel thru some more than others or is this just a gift that some have. Have noticed it's a lot easier to channel the ones you know or group you know.

  • Happy Meet Daliolite, What a wonderful topic. I just recently recognized the voice of my Spirit Guides for what they are. I also discovered their names and that one is male and one is female. I also discovered they were assigned to me by Mother God and Father God at the beginning of my existence at my creation. I also come to realized that they have been with me since I chose my very first chart and started my education in order to evolve into the conscience being I now am. With every life I have had the privilidge of living the same assigned Spirit Guides have come equipped with the blueprints to aid me in my endeavor. Which is my growth as a Spiritual Being and to aid me in helping my fellow beings to evolve as well. I look forward to discussing this topic with you further. Light and Love!

  • LadyBug1969, This is interesting. How did you come about knowing them. You mentioned by voice. I often hear another's voice early in the morning. This makes sense that we are being taught and others can benefit as well. I've come to realize thru my guides that they khow something before it actually happens. Sometimes it's before, sometimes after. I guess the ones I'm really bonded to spiritually (like those I help) it's before. I'm talking about the patients/residents I work with, co-workers and family I think theres a spiritual bond there. I guess that's what's special about healthcare. I have got strong messages from a child recently that I've never met.

  • I dont know if i have a spirit guide, or if this accounts for one

    Timothy has always been there, like he a second friend,,just there.

    Noqw i can sense you think im crazy?

  • Scully21, Just wondering how you learned his name. I know of people who know names of all these guides. I've never experienced that. Mine seem to warn me of impending danger relating to others.

  • Interesting topic 🙂 I can tell you my experience -

    When I was a child I remember having 2 imaginary playmates, a girl and a boy and I had names for them. As an adult, I never thought much about them but always remembered their names.

    A couple of years ago, I had a reading done and the reader mentioned two spirits around me - a woman and little boy. She told me the name of the woman and at the time I couldn't remember anybody that I knew with that name other than a family member that had passed years before I was born. I thought maybe she was referring to this relative that I never met. I had no idea who the little boy could have been.

    Then a couple of days later, something clicked and I realized that the name she told me was extremely close to the name of the imaginary playmate I had as a child, an unusual made-up name I hadn't thought about in years. I have always had an interest in spirit guides and tarot and such, but never really had time to devote to learning more about it until the past couple of years. After I realized how close the name was to my childhood playmate, I asked my guide if that was her and I heard a loud "Yes!" ...like I finally got it and made the connection!

    Ever since then, I feel more connected to her... I think maybe your guides start communicating with you more when you're ready to start listening 🙂 At least in my case..lol

    I always wondered how others know they have more than one guide, or how they can differentiate between messages they receive? I feel like I might have more than one guide around me, but it seems my communication is mainly with just the one.

  • ScorpioF69, How interesting. The guides I encounter are usually other peoples. I'm getting messages this morning, alot regarding a passing. I feel like calling work and asking who passed. I'm sure that I have my own guides. I believe my purpose thru all this is that spirit knows things before they actually happen. Also, alot of this is for me, to help me accept passings. I'm pretty fragile at times although I seem the opposite to others.

    I'm glad that she was able to make that connection for you. To validate.

  • Daliolite, Sounds to me like your are sensitive to others spirit guides that yes you have a close bond on a spiritual level. How pleased I am to inform you that their Spirit Guides contact you cause you have a gift and that is to hear the guides of those in your life so you can pass on the wonderful guidance from guide to persons whom they guide!! I tell you I have chill bumps!! The more you tune in to these voices and the reason they seek you in the morning is your still very charged from your dream state that is a state of upper consciences!! Tune in listen and learn how to pass this on to your loved ones, co-workers, patients, and soon clients seeking your gift. Seek the advice of your Spirit Guide on just how to go about imparting the wisdom of the other guides. If you should have need of someone who is also sensitive to an extent (not quite like you dear) however well rounded on subject I will keep checking this thread. I also would love updates to how your gift is progressing! Go Get em girl!!

  • ScorpioF69, I too have heard mostly from one dominant Spirit Guide however once I realized that it was my spirit guide I then became aware of his counterpart female ofcourse. Not really sure why up to this point I only heard the voice of my male spirit guide. I just know that booming male voice had to be the one to break through this beautfuly stubborn Taurus will!! lol However I am now also so wonderfully in tune with the softer female guide. Now that I know to listen for her! I will say it one more time for it bears repeating Awesome Topic!!

  • ScorpioF69, The booming male voice, ok, I heard that once when I was in Kindergarten. Looking back I regard that as an angel--breaking thru. Letting me know that there's something "otherworldly" holy. To pay attention. It follows-thru as correct w/some of the other things I've seen/experienced. So, do you hear this booming voice often. The voice I heard could have easily shaked the Earth--if it wanted to.

  • LadyBug, I posted earlier about a lot of messages. It was a girl that I told she had a passing coming at the cellphone place I pay my bill at. She said she had a cousin that was sick w/cancer. I went in yesterday, asked if her cousin had passed and she said yes. She started crying and I told her that it's a continuation not an end. My job is just to let them know that they are here around them.

  • Wow...you guys are lucky. I know I have them...I've been told I have an older woman as a guide around me but I never hear her. Maybe it's training learning to recognize them? I know they are there and I talk to them but I don't ever hear them. Any ideas on how you can hear them?

    Daliolite...do you work with the elderly? I recently got a degree in Gerontology and have been volunteering with hospice. All of my patients have been elderly to date and I love spending time with them. I would have never thought that I could do hospice, that it would hurt me too much emotionally and I find that it doesn't bother me. I just feel a great deal of compassion and caring for them when I am with them. My sister in law died three years ago from cancer and I remember hearing my ex husband tell me they "called in hospice" and I didn't understand exactly what that was. She died less than two weeks later. I have always felt bad that I didn't get to spend the time with her that I promised her I would when she was sick. I think that motivates me to do hospice.

  • AuntBuck, I usually can hear my guides talking right upon waking when you're half asleep and half awake. Another time is when I'm sick. Yes, I work w/the elderly. It's rewarding. I'm familiar w/hospice. I specifically work w/alzheimers, etc., in a secure unit.

  • Daliolite that is great. Several of my hospice patients have had Alzheimers so I am familiar with going into memory care units. I've sat with many patients during their transition that were in memory care. I greatly admire the staff there.

    I will have to listen more carefully and see if I can hear anything at those times. I know that when I meditate and get those random out of the blue memories about something that it is an issue I need to deal with. I finally figured that one out! LOL.

    Years ago, when my daughter was 2 she drown in our kiddie pool. (She is classified as a survivor of drowning). When I pulled her body out of the water and brought her inside I was freaking out trying to find the phone to call 911 and I very, VERY clearly heard a voice tell me she needs air. I stopped searching...sent my son off to find it and started CPR. I always figured it was a guardian angel, god or spirit guide that spoke to me. Granted it was a moment of crisis but it would be nice to be able to get messages that clear all the time. :0)

  • AuntBuck, This topic takes great significance for you. I'll be back to post more.

  • Good Morning, I have several guides but one especially has been with me the longest, don't know her name, I noticed from last night, I'm suddenly seeing much clearer especially when in Alpha state, really clear images.

  • Poetic555, What is an Alpha state. When I hear my personal guide, it's a female also.

  • I have found several groups that discuss psychic abilities etc. They are too far for me to drive really. I think it's important when discussing this topic that abilities are unique to the individual person. I think we know who the message is for, etc. For example, if I get a strong message in my home, it's usually my message or a neighbor. Spirit is also good at re-directing a path so that we'll encounter the right message or person. This happened to me the other day. Spirit knows the time-frame of events. It is also well aware of events before they occur--that's my experience.

  • The state between sleep and aware, like no man's land. when you are dozing off and happen to just stop yourself from sleeping. Your conscious mind is asleep and your super conscious mind is aware.

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