Captain: Reading Please

  • Quick question: I was wondering if you see my ex and I reconciliation. We dated for a year (on/off) however, a commitment never formed. I just contacted him (out of the sake of missing him) and he said "we were not going to work out b/c we were different so a relationship is not possible."

    Do you seem him ever changing his mind about "us?" Thanks!

  • Can you give me both your birthdates so I can tune into the compatibility vibes?

  • August 29th is mine Sept 15th is his.

  • This was more of a learning situation, a teacher/student type of relationship rather than a love match. The older or more experienced person had valuable lessons to teach the other person. The lessons have been learned now and there is no more need for you two ever to meet again. But what you learned will prove invaluable in helping you in your next relationship and in life.

  • I am the older one. So, no matter what, our paths are never going to cross again?

    What is in store for me in terms of a relationship? I am so fed up of things not really working out. This guy wore me out emotionally. I was putting more work then he was. Although he is a year younger than me.

  • If this guy wore you out emotionally, in the long term he would suck all the goodness out of you. If it is meant to be, it is meant to be. Sometimes though, it just hurts too much because the person in whom you were prepared to invest your life and your love, turns out to be someone you didn't think they were. From experience, I have to suggest to you that you need to give yourself time on this one. I have every confidence that you WILL have another relationship but if you can, develop a relationship with someone whose main priority is YOU and not themselves. I learned the hard way that the love of my life was selfish, self interested and had so many issues with himself, he would have taken all I had to give and more. I would have stagnated; he would have thrived. It still hurts like hell but I have met someone who is so giving, so kind and so spiritual, I wonder where my life would be, had I not met him. I only met this new person because I went to classes to learn about reiki and healing. If I had had the misfortune to still be with the first bloke, I dread to think what I would have missed out on. So take heart. The future is not yet written. Go out there and engage with life and with proper, normal people who are not energy hoovers or psychic hoovers. Take care x

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